christian romance

christian romance

  • Kindle Scout Christian Romance – If Only (Final Results)

    Kindle Scout Christian Romance – If Only (Final Results)

      Kindle Scout Final Results My campaign for “If Only” has officially ended. During the campaign I read through blogs, comments and others experiences as I waited for the 30 days to tick by. My experience wasn’t as painful as others since I had a mailing list full of readers who have been reading and supporting my author platform over the last year and a half. Here’s what I did: Emailed the list (you can see exactly when I did that (one the first day and then again half way through the campaign – see image). HeadTalker – Heard about this website from and decided to give it a try. Spent $22 on a gig to boost the reach up to 3.7 million… The results? Only 100 total views that day. I don’t recommend it unless you have a wide reach on social and you suspect it’ll be worth it on your own platform. Facebook Groups – Lightly promoted first couple days to a few facebook groups. All I did was search for Kindle Scout in the groups area on Facebook. I believe I got a few nominations this way. I also went to genre specific Facebook groups (Christian books, etc…) and posted there. Not sure how effective it was, but Facebook was #2 on my link activity (next to direct links from the email). Facebook Ad – Boosted a post for $20 in the US, ended up paying about $0.65 a click and I didn’t care for it. Not sure how much it helped. That’s it! I’ve read a lot of different experiences on Kindle Scout and lots of authors wasted tons of money and energy attempting to stay in the coveted “Hot & Trending,” but from the research I came across the list doesn’t matter as much as people think it does. Also, I dipped as low as 12 views in a day and still stayed there (outside of that lame hour I dropped off randomly in the middle of the campaign). If I have one piece of advice in regards to H&T, it’d be have a mailing list and a platform to help you. In the end, Kindle Scout picks what they believe will work. Don’t have a mailing list? Build one. I will come back to this blog post and update it when I hear from Kindle Scout.Read more…

  • Christian Christmas Romance You’ll Love

    Christian Christmas Romance You’ll Love

    A Christmas Romance You’ll Fall in Love with… Losing someone hurts, losing someone who you planned to spend your forever with is devastating. Jillian Parker might only be in her twenties, but she’s been through one of the most difficult experiences one can endure in their lifetime – the loss of a spouse. It’s been two years since Jillian’s husband Bradley passed away and she’s accepted life without love until she meets Jake. He stirs something inside of her she hasn’t felt in years, but she’s scared and can’t shake the sense of betrayal of her late husband Bradley. Can true love happen more than once in a lifetime? A Christian Christmas romance novella by the best-selling Author T.K. Chapin that will tug at your heart and bring a tear to your eye as you turn the pages to find out what happens next. From the Author: This Christmas romance novella is a rewrite of “Love Again” which was first published November 30, 2014. The entire manuscript was entirely rewritten. If you have read the original version of “Love Again” and decide to try this one, you’ll notice much of the storyline is intact for the most part.     T.K. CHAPIN writes Contemporary Christian Romance books designed to inspire and tug on your heart strings. He believes that telling Contemporary Christian Romance stories of faith, love and family help build the faith of Christians and help non-believers see how God can work in the life of believers. He gives all credit for his writing and storytelling ability to God. The majority of the Contemporary Christian Romance novels take place in and around Spokane Washington, his hometown.Read more…

  • Christian Romance Novel - Firefighters - Amongst the Flames

    Christian Romance Novel that will inspire you

    Christian Romance Meets Reality… Christian marriages aren’t exactly Christian romances. What some dont’ know is the simple fact that Christian marriages aren’t immune to the world’s problems. It’s through the grace of God and the couple relying on Him that makes it possible to thrive in a marriage. When couples aren’t thriving, they’re only surviving and someone usually is getting hurt in the process.   [tweetthis url=”” twitter_handles=”@tkchapin”]When couples aren’t thriving, they’re only surviving [/tweetthis]   Amongst the Flames is an inspirational tale of two Biblical born-again Christians who are having difficulties in their marriage. Cole is blindsided that there was even an issue going on in their marriage. He thought everything was fine, while his wife had been struggling for quite some time. How much damage and hurt is too much for a marriage handle? Can Cole and Megan figure it out and mend the brokenness? You’ll have to pick up a free copy of the book to find out. Christians have an amazingly powerful tool that unbelievers do not, and that’s the relationship they have with the Lord. The Creator of the universe is readily available whenever we are in need. Sometimes we think we just showed up on earth without an instruction manual for life, but that’s not true. We have the Bible. Our Bibles only being opened on Sunday morning won’t ever bring an enriched and vibrant walk with the Lord. It’s only when we truly rely on Him day in and day out that we can have a deep relationship with our Creator. When we have that closeness with the Lord, we are able to see our spouse in a new light and many of the problems we once had fall away. The Scriptures clearly outline the importance of staying in the Word. Here’s one of the passages that come from Matthew 4:4.   Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’ ” It’s only when we have an authentic and close relationship with Christ will we be able to truly have marriages the way they were designed to be. Our closeness with the Lord cultivates a life in us that is by design. God has wonderful plans for each of us, but he’s a perfect gentleman. He will never force us into His will for our lives.Read more…