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****** This young adult Christian romance takes place around Valentine’s Day and is the perfect book for anyone searching for an inspirational read in the month of love.

Nineteen-year-old Kyle Reynolds was just a pizza slinging delivery driver with a dream when he met Emily Hayden. She gave him a glimpse at love and stole his heart away without any hesitation. However, Emily had a secret. Not just any secret, but one that could and would change everything.

A Chance at Love is a Christian romance that captures the sweet innocent side of young love that can still be found in young Christians today. A Christian romance novel that not only shows how God works things together for good in our life, but the spiritual growth of one young man.

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“This Inspiritional romance novel is like no other I have ever read. The author has incorporated into the story plot the apathy that some people feel for God, church, and Christians. Woven into this story is the character of a young woman and her over protective parents. We have a new Christian who falls in love with her. His parents quit going to church when they first married. The excuse? Too many hypocrites in the church? What is a true hypocrite and are they only in the church? So many twists in this story line. A message of God’s love and conviction written into a romance without being preachy. I loved this story! I highly recommend this book and author, T.K. Chapin. I was given a copy for my honest review.”

Goodreads Reviewer – Joyful



“Aw!! Young love
I loved this Christian romance from a male perspective.
Kyle embarks on a journey of young love with a beautiful girl,Emily and his relationship with God.
This is a must read for young adults, as they start their journey to adulthood.
I loved the characters and especially Kyle, who embraced his new walk with the Lord.
A copy of this book was given to me in exchange for an honest review.”

 Goodreads Reviewer – Linda Rainey



“I love Kyle! He made me remember what it felt like to be a new believer. The hunger for God and His word and the excitement about sharing it with everyone.

The way his grandmother “kept out of it” was funny. It was a lesson about how God will make it happen without our “help”.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It was a quick, but great read.”

 Goodreads Reviewer – Celess Dickert



“A Chance at Love, written by T.K. Chapin, is the perfect story of young love especially at Valentine’s Day! I enjoy this author’s unique writing ability of storytelling throughout this book. As with many of Chapin’s books, this is written in the first person and from the male character point of view, Kyle.
Kyle is a deep thinking 19 year old and trying to find his way as a young adult; he encounters his godly grandma who encourages him along the way. I found that relationship especially endearing. The verse from Proverbs 16:3 “Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established,” has been used as Kyle finds his way to the Cross for salvation and guidance as he tries to grow his relationship with the Lord. In the midst of finding Christ, he begins building a relationship with Emily. Young love is so sweet, but Kyle shows such a mature outlook throughout their growing relationship in his behavior and responses to struggles along the way. A true inspirational love story that has a foundation on Christ. Great love story for all ages.”

 Goodreads Reviewer – Bhriv



“Nineteen-years old Kyle Reynolds wondered if he was destined to deliver pizzas for the rest of his life, but until he found his purpose in life…it put money in his pocket. When Kyle delivered pizza to a church, little did he realize his life was about to change in a big way.

His grandmother was ill and needed help, so Kyle was volunteered to help her for a week. However; his grandmother was the one who helped him by giving his life to the Lord.

When delivering pizza to a church Kyle saw beautiful Emily Hayden. He felt she was an angel and his heart was stolen…but how was he going to get to know Emily especially since her parents were so protective and she had a secret she wouldn’t tell him because she was afraid if Kyle found out, he would have nothing to do with her.

This is one of the most beautiful love-stories I have read in a long time. Not only is it about a young couple and their love for each other, but also about the most everlasting love that God has for each of us.

This book goes beyond the surface of love and shows the real basis for a lasting love. Mr. Chapin takes the age old question of why does God let bad things happen to good people and answers the question in a way that is easy to understand. Simply God doesn’t let bad things happen….He gave us free-will and our choices sometimes cause things to happen that shouldn’t. Once again Mr. Chapin has written a book that has deeply touched my heart and dug down deep into my soul. It has made me once again want to have a closer relationship with Jesus.

This book is sure to speak to your romantic side while it strengthens you faith. The twists and turns in this beautifully written novel will keep you turning the pages and at the end leave you wanting the story to continue.

Thank you Mr. Chapin for another inspirational novel!

Disclosure: I was given a copy of this eBook by the author, T.K. Chapin, for an honest review. I was not required to write a favorable review nor was I compensated for my review. The opinions in this review are my own.”

 Goodreads Reviewer – Sally


“I found the story to be very powerful as the author eloquently takes Kyle on a journey to a growth in his spiritual walk. It was very refreshing to read about a young person who was eager to learn more about God and seek out advice and guidance from people who could help him. I have had a struggle all day trying to find the right words to say about this book. The reason is  that is was such an emotional story filled with young people who are finding their way in a world where life can give you detours. It is a hard decision for some to make , but the author did such an amazing job…” Continue Reading…

 Blogger at Texas Book-aholic – Deana



“The characters are easy to relate with and easy to love. The storyline flows flawlessly,which makes reading this story an absolute delight.I loved everything about the story and the characters and I highly recommend it…” Continue reading…

 Blogger at Love’s All Things Books – Brenda



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About the author: T.K. Chapin

T.K. CHAPIN writes Inspirational Christian Fiction books designed to inspire and tug on your heart strings. He believes that telling authenticate stories of faith, love and family helps build the faith of believers while inviting non-believers into the reality of God. Each story highlights how God can work in the lives of those who follow Him.

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