Claire's Hope - Story of redemptionClaire’s Hope: A Contemporary Christian Romance Novel

About the Book:

“Sometimes hope comes when we’re least expecting it.”

Claire Vander might be only eighteen years old, but she’s learning how hard life can get. What was supposed to be an amazing time in her life with graduation just around the corner, turns into a downward spiral she longs to escape.

Starting with the death of her parents, Claire’s life soon begins to unravel as she tries –in her own power— to bring the pieces back together. Sex, drugs and alcohol can’t solve her problems, but they are an easy distraction from them. Can Claire break her destructive cycle and find hope, redemption and what true love really means?

This coming of age Contemporary Christian Romance shows how God has a plan for our lives even when we’re busy trying to take care of problems on our own.

Excerpt from this Contemporary Christian Romance:


Flurries delicately fell from the sky one late November morning as my brother and I were getting ready for school. As I peered out my bedroom window, I watched as the flakes of white tumbled down from the dreary and the clouded sky, making their home in my family’s backyard.

Last week was Thanksgiving, and I had plenty to be thankful for. I had just celebrated my eighteenth birthday the month prior and was now considered an adult, at least by my own thinking. Between being eighteen and picking up a part-time job at the frozen yogurt shop ‘Slippery Treats,’ I thought I was ready for this thing called life. Little did I know, that day would change the course of my life forever.

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R.H.- “Claire was 18, thought she had everything going her way, then LIFE smacked her in the face. She faced many struggles that forced her to make choices. She made many mistakes because of her lack of believing in God so she had no hope. Finally it all spins out of control. What a struggle to get to the point where true Hope is found! But for the grace of God, Claire could truly be anyone!! I recommend Claire’s Hope…you won’t want to put it down!!”

Teljay- “TK Chapin keeps you reading and following the twists and turns with each book he writes and this one did not disappoint. What’s special about this one is that he lets his personal Faith shine through, underlying the characters of his protagonists. I admit that I’m a bit in awe of his imagination and creativity. His books are so different and you wonder which way his imagination is going to take you each time.”

Bobarb Candels- “Good book to read with a great happy and loving ending One that would bring Christ into your life, if you already have Christ in your life this story will bring you closer to showing your love for HIM.”

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