Dylan’s Faith: A Contemporary Christian Romance Novel

About the Book:

“Until the end of time, I’m forever yours.”

Dylan Holden is a twenty-four-year-old country boy who loves his truck, brother and God more than anything else on earth. His heart has belonged only to the Lord since he’s been a boy, but all that changes when a new girl comes to town. Could she be his one true love, or will her past be too much?

Dylan’s faith is tested as he uncovers a family secret, falls for a woman with a past, and attempts to be his brother’s keeper. Faith, when tested, can result in a deeper and more meaningful relationship not only with God but with ourselves.

An inspirational romance book that will strengthen your faith in God and tug at your heart.

Excerpt from this Contemporary Christian Romance:

Life has a way of taking us down roads we never thought we’d travel. Sometimes we might be on a long stretch of freeway that never seems to end. Other times we can’t keep up with life’s turns, hills and construction zones. No matter what part of the journey we’re on, each road can lead to the unexpected. A little detour here, a wrong turn there, it’s all just part of the experience. When the love of my life showed up, there was no big billboard alongside the road letting me know it was the one. Thankfully, God was in my passenger seat when she came into my life, and if it wasn’t for Him, I might have passed her by. My faith has been a large part of my life, and God has helped through more struggles than I can count.

This brittle and fragile body of mine is wearing out with every passing day, but I take comfort as I sit in the same rocking chair that my beloved rocked our children to sleep in. I take not only comfort in the chair but the overwhelming peace that the Lord has given me. This chair I had crafted with my own two hands years ago and over the years it’s worn out much like my body. But my faith never ages, never ceases, and never grows weary. And while my body seems to have new aches and pains in areas I never knew existed, my God never weakens. He’s the same as He was yesterday as He is today and that He will be tomorrow…

See what others are saying about this book:

Leanne- “Dylan’s faith is a great book about faith very well written about a family where ones sons strong faith shows his family how believing in god and putting your trust in his hands how life can turn around and be beautiful .
with the way the world is right now very good time for this book to come out . Loved reading it :)”

PC- “A special story of love, hardship, family and believing in God’s love to see us through. Life isn’t easy but with God’s support the right path can be walked.”

Verasbookreviewsandstuff- “This is a heartwarming and stirring story of redemption, love of God, love of family, and acceptance skillfully told. I highly recommend this book.”

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