Contemporary Christian Romance Novel - Finding LoveFinding Love: A Contemporary Christian Romance Novel

About the Book:

“Once I realized what my heart wanted, I knew I wanted to be with you.”

In a city with over a half million people, thirty-year-old Rebecca finds herself losing hope of finding the one she’ll spend her forever with. That all changes when one day she meets a clumsy writer at a local coffee shop.

Finding Love is a Contemporary Christian Romance that will tug at your heart and strengthen your walk with God. Join Rebecca on her journey of not only finding love but finding God.

Excerpt from this Contemporary Christian Romance:

Some people spend a lifetime searching for true love. Some never find it, while others are lucky enough to discover it earlier in life. I was one of those people who took a while to find it, and it almost passed me by.

After I turned thirty and was still a single lady in a city with over a quarter million people, I became increasingly worried I’d never find someone. I would think certain things like, How could a woman be so old and have no children or previous marriage? What’s wrong with me? Then I would wonder what others thought of me. There wasn’t anything wrong with me, well, actually there was a lot wrong with me at the time, but figured out this thing called life.

Life isn’t about finding a knight in shining armor who has a perfect smile, says all the right things, and always makes you happy. Life is about finding someone who can love you for who you are, and you for who they are. It’s about finding someone who can make your day better just by being around.

An inspirational Christian Romance book that you’ll want to read again and again.

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Sarah Carter- “A shorter read than the last one I read by TK but still great. The author has a great imagination and brings the story to life. The main gal reminded me of my older sister that is single, I think people should hold onto hope for their own life even when they begin to get a little older. Looking forward to the next one.”

Linda Freeland- “I really like this author. I like this series too. I feel like the Lord is using this author to speak to people. He is great.”

Amazon Customer- “This was the book I needed at that time. It grew my faith and warmed up my heart as I was reading it. God spoke to me through this book.”

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