If Only by T.K. Chapin is on Kindle Scout

If Only by T.K. Chapin is on Kindle Scout


Happy New Year!

To kick off 2017 I decided to enter my latest full-length novel (not yet released) into the running for publication with Kindle Scout. Information and details provided below.

If you could please spend 5 minutes and follow through on voting, I’d appreciate it greatly (scroll down for exact instructions on how to vote). If the book is picked, you get a FREE copy.

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How far will one mother go to find her child?

A full year after a painful divorce, Elizabeth’s seventeen-year-old daughter Lillian decides to visit a friend over the Fourth of July weekend but never returns home. With the help of her neighborhood friend Cole, Elizabeth tries to make sense of what really happened and hopefully bring her daughter home.

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Kindle Scout Important Dates:

Campaign Start Date: 1/1/2017

Campaign End Date: 1/31/2017



What is it?

Kindle Scout is reader-powered publishing for new, never-before-published books. It’s a place where readers help decide if a book gets published. Selected books will be published by Kindle Press.

After the campaign ends, the Kindle Scout team will spend up to 15 days deciding whether or not to publish the book. Once they notify me, I’ll email you.


Why am I doing it?

Amazon is the world’s biggest platform for selling books. If they choose to publish this book, they will help promote it. More promotion means more readers.


What YOU can do to help

Use your amazon account to log in and nominate If Only. If selected for publication, you get a FREE copy when it’s released.


How To Nominate:

1. Go to -> https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/3QLG6XXY3SHWI

2. Log into the website securely by using your Amazon account information.

3. Read all you desire of the page and excerpt, then click ‘Nominate me’ button.

4. Done! You’ll get a FREE copy sent to you in the event the book is selected for publication.


Once done nominating, please pledge your support on Headtalker (click the image below)!

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