Kindle Scout Christian Romance – If Only (Final Results)


Kindle Scout Final Results


My campaign for “If Only” has officially ended. During the campaign I read through blogs, comments and others experiences as I waited for the 30 days to tick by. My experience wasn’t as painful as others since I had a mailing list full of readers who have been reading and supporting my author platform over the last year and a half.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Emailed the list (you can see exactly when I did that (one the first day and then again half way through the campaign – see image).
  2. HeadTalker – Heard about this website from and decided to give it a try. Spent $22 on a gig to boost the reach up to 3.7 million… The results? Only 100 total views that day. I don’t recommend it unless you have a wide reach on social and you suspect it’ll be worth it on your own platform.
  3. Facebook Groups – Lightly promoted first couple days to a few facebook groups. All I did was search for Kindle Scout in the groups area on Facebook. I believe I got a few nominations this way. I also went to genre specific Facebook groups (Christian books, etc…) and posted there. Not sure how effective it was, but Facebook was #2 on my link activity (next to direct links from the email).
  4. Facebook Ad – Boosted a post for $20 in the US, ended up paying about $0.65 a click and I didn’t care for it. Not sure how much it helped.

That’s it!

I’ve read a lot of different experiences on Kindle Scout and lots of authors wasted tons of money and energy attempting to stay in the coveted “Hot & Trending,” but from the research I came across the list doesn’t matter as much as people think it does. Also, I dipped as low as 12 views in a day and still stayed there (outside of that lame hour I dropped off randomly in the middle of the campaign).

If I have one piece of advice in regards to H&T, it’d be have a mailing list and a platform to help you. In the end, Kindle Scout picks what they believe will work. Don’t have a mailing list? Build one.

I will come back to this blog post and update it when I hear from Kindle Scout. There’s been a grip of experiences out there in which they were in H&T for 98% of the time and still not selected, so there’s a chance. To anyone who came across this post as they ride the Kindle Scout wave–breathe and relax.

To my readers who have supported me–Thank you! I appreciate it greatly. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be able to write full-time. I love you all and pray for you often.





Update: 2/11/2017 – If Only was selected for publication. Follow the full story here

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