If Only – Selected for Publication with Kindle Press

Praise the Lord! After a painful wait of eleven days, I received an email last night from the Kindle Scout team that If Only has been selected for publication! Yay! Thank you for supporting if you were one of the ones who nominated.

Along with the email, they provided me with a link and information about what comes next. I’ll keep this post updated throughout the entire process to let everybody know how it goes and what it looks like behind the scenes. I know how it felt to be in the dark before, during and after the campaign so I want to share the journey! Come back to this page often for updates!

Update: 2/13/2017

I sent my manuscript back to them pretty quick (2/11/2017) after they requested an updated one (I had already gone through edits, editors, proofreader before submitting).

Today I received an email from Kirkus about their editing process beginning. I have an expected return date of March 3rd.


Update: 2/14/2017

Today I received Amazon Payee login information and completed all that fun tax stuff.


Update: 2/24/2017

Today I received the edits. Nice and detailed letter going over things that worked, things that didn’t and then the manuscript itself.

Update: 2/27/2017

Finished edits and a final read through out loud (text to speech app on phone). Submitted on website.


Update: 3/10/2017

Tired of waiting for any confirmations or information about the advance, I sent an email to Kindle Press for an updated. Learned that the book would be set up for pre-order on March 13th and the release date would be April 11th. Also learned the advance should be paid out on March 15th.


Update: 3/13/2017

Pre-order went live, scouts notified of their copies being available for download.


Update: 3/20/2017

After contacting Kindle Press again, found out there was a jam in the accounting department and the advance would be paid out on the 20th of March, and it was paid out in full on the 20th.

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