The Disconnected (A Christian Poem)


The Disconnected


We’re so eager to know what’s going on with others
I’m not talking about kids, but fathers and mothers
First thing when our eyes open for the day
The phone makes it to our hand some way
Checking and scrolling to see what’s new
But really what’s happening is its becoming part of you
Instead of seeking the Kingdom of God that sets us free
People are seeking the Kingdom of “me”
They’re letting their minds be a slave to the machine
I’m being truthfully, not trying to be mean
I understand people struggle with being depressed
But I think we should for starters try looking at our phones less
Most people have hundreds of friends they see on Facebook
That means someone is on vacation every time that you look
We should experience life the way it was designed to be
Where people interact with each other, you know.. .you and me
If we truly want to live a connected life
Where kids know their parents and husbands know their wife
We have to make a choice to change what we do
It starts with me… and it starts with you
Let’s seek first the Kingdom of God everyday
Let’s put the cell phones away
Before time with our kids run out
Otherwise when they’re grown we’ll see what this is all about
Generations of people looking at screens
Are you seeing yet what I mean?
Go out to eat and watch the people around you
People staring down, but what do we do?
We be the change we want to see
It starts with you… and it starts with me
Written By:
T.K. Chapin

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About the author: T.K. Chapin

T.K. CHAPIN writes Inspirational Christian Fiction books designed to inspire and tug on your heart strings. He believes that telling authenticate stories of faith, love and family helps build the faith of believers while inviting non-believers into the reality of God. Each story highlights how God can work in the lives of those who follow Him.

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