Christmas Christian Romance – Until Christmas by T.K. Chapin

A Christmas Romance You’ll Fall in Love with…

How do you know when a person is part of God’s will?

Amanda’s struggling to make it through the holidays and so she picks up a part-time job at the mall in Spokane, Washington. What was supposed to be just a way to help financially turns out to be much more after one evening when a particular man walks into her department.

When do you know God is sending someone into your life? How can you tell if it’s not just another distraction to pull you away from God?

Join Amanda and Nate as these two unlikely strangers cross paths for the first time. You’ll laugh, cry, and be encouraged by this inspirational Christian Christmas romance. A tale of two hearts that will inspire the faith of believers while encouraging the disheartened. This is one story you don’t want to miss this Christmas season!

“I totally enjoyed reading this story and highly recommend picking it up!” ~ MF Literary Works

“…an encouragement to me to wait on the Lord.” ~ Faith D.

Love the message!” ~ Huanne Woodward

Sweet romance story of how God brings two people together!” ~ Ellen

From The Author.

This story answers the question that burns in the heart of so many Christians today.

“How do you know when a person is part of God’s will for your life?”

When Christians are dating it’s not like when the world is dating.

We as Christians are dating in the hopes of one day becoming married to that person otherwise we are wasting our time.

God tells us in the Bible not to waste time and tells us not to let our hearts deceive us.

The power of lust is strong and it’s our jobs as Christians to fight off that burning desire inside of us and dedicate ourselves fully and wholly to the Lord. It’s only by trusting God can we truly find His will for our lives.

This story was designed with you, the reader, in mind and I hope it blesses you in reading it as much as it did me in writing it.

Join Amanda and Nate for the unforgettable Christmas story that will leave you feeling inspired and encouraged. View on Amazon

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