Series Starters

This assortment of Christian fiction series starters will start you down a path of a great Christian fiction series written by the best-selling author T.K. Chapin. Each story is inspired by his own faith in God and his personal journey in experiencing what it means to live by faith in a fallen world.

Christian Fiction Series You’ll Love Reading

T.K. Chapin promises when you pick up one of his series, you’ll not only be entertained from start to finish but you will be inspired by the choices and lives of the characters in the pages. If for any reason you feel unsatisfied, you are encouraged to reach out to him for a full refund of your purchase by sending a request to, please include proof of purchase.

What you read matters and it has the power to not only influence your thinking but change your life, resulting in a change in the world. When Christians actively make the choice to live by faith and not by the broken world they see, they bring the light of Jesus into the world and into the lives of those they influence.

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