A Reason To Trust: A Novel About Love And Loss (A Reason To Love Book 4)

Can love mend the broken heart?

Ethan Hawkins is an all-star soccer player for the Spokane Sounders and engaged to the runway model Amelia Ricci. By all appearances, he should be happy, but he isn’t. There’s something missing in his life but he can’t pinpoint it. When tragedy strikes in his hometown of Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, nearly ten years after leaving, Ethan must take a trip to his past. It’s here where Ethan can finally find the answers to the questions his heart has held onto for so many years.

Facing the most painful parts of our past isn’t always easy, but with God’s help, it can bring healing. Our brokenness can be mended when we turn to our Creator and let Him guide our steps in the right direction.

Can Ethan find joy in surrendering? Can he overcome his giants? Find out when you pick up your copy of the inspirational Christian romance, A Reason To Trust, book three of the inspirational fiction series, A Reason To Love.

A Reason To Forgive: A Novel About Forgiveness (A Reason To Love Book 3)

With God at the center, any marriage can be healed.

Cindy Carlton’s heart knows the pain of loneliness far too well.  She’s been married for over two decades to a man who has grown cold and distant over the years. She struggles to see anything ever improving. Her hope reignites one day when her husband agrees to attend a marriage retreat at Diamond Lake. Could this be an answer to her prayers?

David Carlton married the love of his life twenty-six years ago. He thought he knew her, but then she did the unthinkable and unforgivable, shattering his trust forever. David never stopped loving Cindy, but he did stop showing it and nurturing their marriage. Keeping her at a distance, he learned to rely on the walls he built around his heart so she couldn’t hurt him anymore. Then one day, his wife invited him to a marriage retreat. He feels inclined to go. Little does David know . . . his life would change forever.

From the best-selling Christian romance author, T.K. Chapin, comes a Christian romance novel that focuses on the difficulties that can and do exist in many marriages today. This inspirational romance gives readers a glimpse of God’s ability to influence our lives when we allow Him access. A second-chance romance story that will lift your spirits and tug at your heartstrings.

A Reason To Forgive is book three in the Christian romance series, A Reason To Love.

A Reason To Believe: A Christian Love Story (A Reason To Love Book 2)

What if your worst mistake came back to haunt you?

Olivia Montgomery wants to leave her past behind her. The failed marriage, the years as an ignorant youth, and the worst of them all. How can you leave the past behind when it keeps showing up?

A freak car accident brings a man of God into Olivia’s life. She has no experience with this kind of love.

Love that forgives, love that heals, and love that never gives up on her. How can one man love you so deeply?

A Reason To Believe is an inspirational Christian romance story about coming to faith and the tender sweet love and mercy of Jesus Christ. Faithful Christians will find themselves turning to the next page in anticipation of what happens next.

“A book to be enjoyed and to be read more than once!” – Til52

“…Characters are brought to life by his skill at making them believable, lovable, and relevant.” –
Faith D

“Tyler’s character portrays unconditional love beautifully!”  – Darlene Richter

“As a believer in Christ I found it wonderful!” – Julie

A Reason To Live: Inspirational Fictional Characters Overcoming The Odds (Book 1)

What if losing your spouse meant finding God?

Jonathan Duncan’s world ended when he laid to rest his heart. He had never loved anyone like he loved her.

Late one night a knock on his door changes his life forever. Who is it?

The depths of God’s love is like a puzzle. Without eyes, you’ll never see the pieces in your life.

A Reason To Live is a heart-felt great christian romance novel that tugs at the heart and inspires those who seek to know God more intimately.

“Either T.K. has gone through this experience or he has done a lot of research because as I read it, I was right there.” – Gurame

“… A delightful story showing how God’s love is there no matter the brokenness of an individual.” – Marilyn R | VINE VOICE |

Inspirational book of choices, and God’s plans for one’s life.” – Ellen Oceanside | TOP 1000 REVIEWER |