A Reason To Live: Inspirational Fictional Characters Overcoming The Odds (Book 1)

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What if losing your spouse meant finding God?

Jonathan Duncan’s world ended when he laid to rest his heart. He had never loved anyone like he loved her.

Late one night a knock on his door changes his life forever. Who is it?

The depths of God’s love is like a puzzle. Without eyes, you’ll never see the pieces in your life.

A Reason To Live is a heart-felt great christian romance novel that tugs at the heart and inspires those who seek to know God more intimately.

“Either T.K. has gone through this experience or he has done a lot of research because as I read it, I was right there.” – Gurame

“… A delightful story showing how God’s love is there no matter the brokenness of an individual.” – Marilyn R | VINE VOICE |

Inspirational book of choices, and God’s plans for one’s life.” – Ellen Oceanside | TOP 1000 REVIEWER |   




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10 reviews for A Reason To Live: Inspirational Fictional Characters Overcoming The Odds (Book 1)

  1. Faith D

    Every new book by Mr. Chapin becomes my new favorite. This story was exceptional. It is filled with real life, the spiritual struggles, lreaning to love God above everyone and everything, finding God’s love is always surrounding His children, trusting in His plan and His timing; so much depth in the story and wonderful, complex characters. I couldn’t lay this one down.

  2. drp6149

    I bought this probably through BookBub or LPC. He lost a wife, has a child and needs a nanny, she needs a job and has experience in childcare. Neither want to fall in love. But sometimes God maneuvers us to a future so much better. This story has surprises, twists, and turns and you feel like you know Jonathon and Kylie like they were your own family. An excellent book showing God’s grace and goodness. I listened to part of this using Amazon’s Text to Speech — it’s not quite as good as an Audible recording, but almost as good and free to use. I can listen to a book and crochet or knit at the same time. I love it.

  3. bets29

    This sweet book is about forgiveness, letting go & letting God, and simply living for God and learning more about Him to truly live. ??Preachy?? – not at all. If you are a Christian and are walking closely with God, then you know that people do talk about Him and have learned to lean on & depend on Him. This story is about a female who had learned early on that she needed to keep her trust in Him – even more so after making mistakes. He was married to a strong Christian believer and allowed his sorrow, when she died of cancer, to almost destroy himself. Because of prayers lifted up to God for him, he did get right with God and grew in his faith. *** this book would be good for those who have lose a spouse, or have lived in sin after falling away from Him, or just anyone. ***

  4. Cricketj77

    TJ Chapin has such a powerful way of weaving God’s loving presence into all circumstances… despite doubts and uncertainties, we see God weaving faith, love, and forgiveness into two very broken individuals!

  5. Gurame

    A Reason To Live: An Inspirational Romance (A Reason To Love Book 1) Of all the books of T K Chapin that I have read this one was the most real to me. Five weeks ago I lost my wife to pancreatic cancer. From her diagnosis until her death was 9 weeks. It was very aggressive and caused a lot of pain. As I sat at her bedside, I went through the exact reactions that Johnathan did in this book. I wanted her to go and be with the Lord so that her pain would finish but I wanted her to stay for me. As I write this comment, I do so with tears in my eyes and rolling down my cheeks. These tears are not for her but for me as she is in that better place and she will never return to me but I will go to her. Either T.K. has gone through this experience or he has done a lot of research because as I read it, I was right there. A truth that is brought out to Johnathan that was an encouragement to me was when he recognised that Marie did not belong to him but she belonged to the Lord. Thank you T.K. for this book. I hope that it will be a help to others as it has been to me and that by the grace of God and his wisdom, you will write many more.

  6. pc

    He’s a widower, bitter and alone by choice. His sister-in-law leaves her 2 yr old daughter with him. He needs to find a nanny. She’s a single mom looking for a better job and life, trusting God to guide the way. He seems like the answer to her prayers, but he’s not ready forGods love or hers.

  7. Juanita M

    I loved this book. So true and empowering. So many hurting people need to read T K Chapin for help to find their way. Easy to read & full of widom.

  8. BrideToBe

    I was drawn to the book by the title, A Reason to live, and the very sweet cover, with Father’s Day coming up just a week later, which also happens to be the day I got born again. I thoroughly enjoyed this story of Jonathan becoming the Guardian of his cute little niece Rose. And there’s another cutie in the story, Peter, along with his (future kindergarten teacher) mom completed this sweet romance.

  9. Reba

    Wonderful love story. Great romantic adventure and the ending was great too. Everything is better when you put God first. Starting out with friendship and ending with love is amazing. I will certainly recommend this book

  10. Marilyn R

    A Reason to Live, book one by T. K. Chapin in his latest series A Reason to Love is a delightful story showing how God’s love is there no matter the brokenness of an individual. Jonathan and Kylie’s story will pull at your heartstrings. Kylie’s past was not easy and Jonathan is caring for his two year niece whose mother is heading down the wrong path in life. Sweet little Rose brought the two together when Jonathan needed a nanny. Kylie loved God and Jonathan had put Him on the back shelf after the death of his wife. Will there be a way for Kylie’s faith and witness brings healing to Jonathan?Chapin’s brought true to life issues in society today into this easy to read tale even with tears flowing to show how broken lives can be healed with dreams fulfilled by God’s amazing love, grace and mercy. This is the first book I’ve read by Chapin, but it will not be my last one. I’m glad to discover another Christian author creating stories that are wholesome without any violence, sex and profanity in it.

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