After the Fire: Inspirational Christian Fiction (Embers and Ashes Book 4)

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***** God can work in our lives, even when it’s tragedy. An inspirational story that will encourage your walk with the Lord. *****

AFTER THE FIRE is the fourth and final book of the Inspirational Christian Fiction series EMBERS & ASHES. Through each book in the series follow the life of different Christian firefighters at station #9 as they face trials on and off the job. Each story is unique to the character it follows and will leave you feeling inspired to have a closer walk with the Lord.

Firefighter Micah Freeman is the pillar of faith at fire station #9. He’s the one everyone turns to in their hour of need. A man of steel in every regard, but even steel has a breaking point.

When a tragedy strikes close to home, Micah’s faith is challenged far beyond anything he has ever encountered. Truly relying on God for strength, Micah must find a way to put the pieces back together and find the peace he once had.

After the Fire is the fourth and final installment to the best selling Christian Romance Amongst the Flames in the Embers & Ashes series. With a 4.5+ rating on the series by reviewers across the broad, it’s an easy pick for your next contemporary Christian fiction read. T.K. Chapin’s Christian fiction novels are never preachy feeling, but instead show how God plays a real role in the lives of Christian believers. All of T.K. Chapin’s inspirational Christian fiction novels inspire his readers to look at life differently and be inspired. Choosing to pick up a copy of After the Fire is a decision you will be happy you made.


Inspirational Christian Fiction – Embers & Ashes Series

(Book 1) Amongst The Flames
(Book 2) Out of the Ashes
(Book 3) Up in Smoke
(Book 4) After the Fire

Can be read as a standalone.



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10 reviews for After the Fire: Inspirational Christian Fiction (Embers and Ashes Book 4)


    This book has affected me on every level of my Christian walk with Christ. I could relate to every area in some form or fashion. It was very thought provoking. It’s good to know that God is always in control and He will Always be constant in our lives regardless of what we go through. The only thing for me is this, Jasmine left her parents home to be with an unsaved boyfriend, one can only imagine what they did or didn’t do. She gets into a fatal accident and is not responsive, there’s no evidence to say she repented of her sins, yet her father was adamant that she was in heaven with Jesus. For me I would have preferred either to have read that she either wrote a letter apologizing and returning to God or she was alert for a little while like Ricardo was in order to repent, because if she didn’t make it right with God she won’t be in heaven. Other than that small oversight it was inspiring.

  2. PSusan

    After the Fire by T. K. Chapin end this series with a breathing taking read. Micha and his wife’s personal loss was difficult but it is handled with sensitivity. As Micah turns to God for strength the grief and questioning is not skimmed over. This is one of this writer’s true strengths; he portrays the Christian walk with authenticity. There is no fairy God-father to make life easy and perfect.Neither does T.K. Chapin shy away from showing the easy slide into corruption and sin. Often non-inspirational books show this side of the church but usually it is in a critical way against Christianity. There is balance in this story.After the Fire is strong with more than one unexpected twist. Still each turn both good and bad fit smoothly in the flowing fast pace novel. Then the characters have depth and an emotional intensity that pull you right into their struggles, sorrows and joys. It’s an intensely moving, poignant, unforgettable read.

  3. Kindle Customer

    Just texted my sister after I read the book. Suggested she get the book and read it. All of us are facing difficult time at times. We find it easier to see how God is working when we look back. But God is in control and His promise is true just as He is the Way The Truth and the Life. What a wonderful Savior.

  4. Kindle Customer

    This book was different than the other books by T.K. Chapin that I’ve read. The book quickly becomes intense and the grief of Micah and Denise was hard to “watch”. (T.K. Chapin writes in such a way that the reader feels like he/she is right there in the room with the characters, .as opposed to feeling like you are watching the characters from nearby.) Things eventually get better, and the book has a upbeat ending. I recommend this book for anyone who enjoys Christian fiction with deep truths embedded within.

  5. Linda Freeland

    Wow this book was great! I love this series and I love this author. This book really spoke to me. I really think this entire series should be mad into a movie. It is full of drama and intrigue and yet God speaks through the pen of this author!

  6. Becky Carpenter

    After the Fire is yet another great book written by author, T. K. Chapin. This is the fourth and final book in the Embers and Ashes series. These books were set in Spokane, WA with the firefighters of fire station #9 as the main characters of each book…Book one- Cole, Book two- Kane, Book three- Rick and now Book four is about Micah. Throughout the series each book is written in first person from each of the main characters point-of-view…love how each character tells us his story.I was excited to finally get to read about this station #9 character, Micah, because we’ve read of his influence in the lives of the other characters along the way in the other books and finally get to read about him! This is fiction, but I especially like how “human” Chapin made Micah. He has some intense things going on in his life (of which, I will NOT give spoilers as I don’t want to ruin Your experience of this exceptional read) and in the midst of the experiences he has real responses to the happenings. Micah is the kind of character that every Christian woman would want for her husband, especially after 20 years of marriage. He’s godly, faithful, loving, the encourager and a good example to others. I found this book to be encouraging to me in my faith, and yet found it to be an emotional read…there were even tears though some of the scenes. There are also quite a few parts that kept me on the edge of my seat as I read…wondering how this author was going to take the story. Chapin did a great job in surprising me with the directions taken within the pages of After the Fire.Chapin doesn’t preach in his Christian fiction books, but he does gives verses and encourages a closer walk with the Lord throughout each of his books. You can almost always count on Chapin to give you a few great quotes in each of his books. You won’t be disappointed with this great quote from After the Fire, “…happiness depends on your circumstances; joy depends on God and my relationship with Him.” There’s an even better quote, but I’ll let you find it as it’s the essence of the whole series culminated into one quote. You’ll love it!

  7. Dianna Marie

    I enjoyed this quick read very much; one of a dedicated fireman, Micah, his wife Denise & their daughter. This is very much a Christian story with scripture referenced and lives lived accordingly. Tragedy strikes when the 18 year old daughter, months from graduation, decides to live life on her own terms. There are a cast of characters, not all Christian by any means. A church is ripped apart by greed & deception. The same greed causes lives to be lost and a young boy 8 years old left without parents. You will enjoy this heartfelt story and it may draw you in closer to God at the same time. It is worth your time to read.

  8. Jazziegirl

    This is Christian fiction at its best. Micah is a fireman one year away from retiring. He is married to Denise and they have an 18 year old daughter named Jasmine. Jasmine is like many 18 year old young adult who is struggling with what to do with her life. She has a boyfriend that her parent’s do not care for and she is trying to decide about going to college. Her parents go through some very hard times when Jasmine is killed suddenly in a car wreck. How the couple deal with all of this and the challenge it brings with their personal walk with the Lord will leave you guessing. It has an unusual ending.

  9. Donella Akers

    Mom…Mama….his voice calling out to me.That is what I heard for weeks, months after we lost our son. Matt was 37 when he died from a heart attack that was brought on through abuse on his body. He had been brought up knowing the Lord, had been a Christian, till he met up with an old friend. Things changed after that. My son became friends with this other young man from the age of 10. Lost track of each at the start of high school. After graduation their friendship picked back up. At this time Matt met a sweet gal and became a father of a beautiful son. Just like his daddy with blonde hair, bluish-Gray eyes. The 2 friends started hanging out more when the friend introduced him to pain pills. Slowly things progressed from there. Matt became a father again to a sweet brown hair, blue eyed son, looked like his mother. After 6 years, . Our son lost everything. Job, home, family because of his addiction. This other friend called me, laughing about the fact. “I didn’t think that he would get like this. It was all in fun.” Matt lived on the street for a year, came home, was getting his life together, going to college. The week of finals, he said he just needed some quiet time and wanted to stay near the college. So he did. On a Wednesday evening the police is at my door with the news that Matt had passed away. I couldn’t move or breathe. I was suffocating. Feeling myself falling with the Deputy holding me. Husband at work, my daughter, her kids there. I just couldn’t breathe. I was numb. I knew God, He has been a strong hold in my life for so long. My husband and I are Christians, saved by Grace. But that day and many days, weeks after we all moved in a fog. We cried, yelled and question God…why. Our pastor, family, friends was with us, but where was God? We trusted him with our lives, kids, we gave to Him our hearts. Wasn’t He suppose to protect, keep all safe? Well…What I failed to remember was God does protect. He held the very life given to Matt in His hands as He took him home. Matthew’s life here was over, His new life began in heaven. My husband and I have gotten closer, we help in the church more. My limitations blocked my ability to see God’s plan. When God had control all the time. God is still helping me, us, to breathe deeply thorough His breath. Relearning to do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

  10. Leanne

    This was my favorite book of the seriesTruly an emotional book of strength and family and friendship how following God and trusting in him how even the hardest struggles we face can be overcomeThis is a great series of book by a great author look forward the the next book 🙂

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