Amongst The Flames: An Inspiring Story About A Christian Husband (Embers and Ashes Book 1)

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What if your marriage went up in flames?



Cole Taylor has fought hundreds of fires in his lifetime, but he had never tasted fear like he does now.

There are some fires too big for one man to handle.

Why does God allow us to suffer? How can the difficulties in life ever be for our own good? What if the answers to your prayers come in the least likely way?

Amongst The Flames is an inspirational Christian romance about the firefighter named Cole Taylor and his wife. This is book one of the Embers & Ashes series which follows the life of Christian firefighters who all work at station #9 in Spokane, Washington. Christians who love to read about other Christians living out their faith will enjoy this inspirational story about a struggling Christian marriage.

Wow! Seriously wow!!!” – Jenark

“I feel I am better off for having read this book, and I invite everyone else – Christian or not – to take a spin through it!” – JJACK929

“When I finished reading this book, I was like wow!” – Bobdylan

Enlightening to see a troubled marriage from a male perspective.” – R Sticklee





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10 reviews for Amongst The Flames: An Inspiring Story About A Christian Husband (Embers and Ashes Book 1)

  1. DGL

    This is my first TK Chapin novel, and it was good. It’s interesting to read a book from the hero’s point of view, rather than the heroine. And honestly in this book there is little of Megan. This book deals with some very real issues; fractured family, difficult relatives, dangerous job. But Chapin points the reader back toward the only lasting answer for anything- God and an authentic relationship with Him. Obviously if Christianity isn’t your cup of tea this book is not for you, but otherwise I wholeheartedly recommend this book and look forward to reading more of this series, myself.

  2. Kindle Customer

    I put off reading this book because books about firemen can be so frighten but I am so glad that I took courage in both hands and read it. And WOW!! I needed this. The author is so amazing about his knowledge of God and how He works in our lives. I always learn something from him. This is a wonderful story for anyone. I loved it.

  3. Jazziegirl

    This is a story about a fire department — Station 9 in Spokane. Although it is fiction it gives the reader a view of what it is like to be a fireman. It also tells the story of one fireman in particular. His name is Cole Taylor. His father died in a fire and his father-in-law is his captain at the station. Micah another fireman at the station is a strong Christian who helps Cole return to the Lord when his wife, Megan leaves him. This is also the time Cole has been injured in a fire and must take some time off. There are some subplots that also add to the story and make it interesting.

  4. Jenark

    Wow! Seriously wow!!! I feel like I just went to church or a Christian marriage seminar. It’s been a long time since I’ve highlighted so much in a book.Let me back up a moment and say, when I began reading the novel and all the relationship issues came up, I didn’t care to read any more of the story. My own marriage seems to be affected by divorce stories. However, this one is much different. Sure there are messy relationship parts, but there’s also a lot of solid advice. Chapin hit on key points that have been weighing on me about my own marriage and relationship with God.This isn’t a typical romance book. This is a story about people making choices of who to put first in their lives, handling bad choices from the past, and what to do when it all hits the fan.I would recommend this novel to anyone who has a good marriage, are separated from their spouse, divorced, or perhaps you’re somewhere on the journey to get married. Like I tell my daughter about competitive swimming, you can’t just go into autopilot and do what you always do. If she wants to improve she must actually think about her strokes and work on sharpening them. I believe this book helps married couples learn what they need to do to take their marriage from good to excellent.

  5. B. ADAMS

    I will admit to being uncomfortable in the first part of the book as the marriage was falling apart and almost quit reading this book. I kept reading for two reasons. First the book was given to me and second, I had finished an excellent book by the author and decided to see if there was something “around the corner”.When it got into the efforts to make their marriage work I could not help but hope for resolution. Their steps toward resolutions are Faith Worthy and I HIGHLY recommend this book to help people find solid ground when there is quick sand in a marriage. If you want details, read the book. You will not regret it! I am glad I didn’t quit reading when I was tempted to!

  6. Bobdylan

    When I finished reading this book, I was like wow. That’s a good book. It’s good, clean, and wholesome romance but without mushy junk. I know the author is male so this next thought might kinda sound weird, but this story…a romance story…is purely written from the male character’s point of view. That view is highly overlooked in life but enjoyed by this reader. Keep up the good writing.

  7. Barb

    I felt like this story was a great encouragement for all married couples. Cole’s resolve to stay with his wife and become the leader of his home showed great strength. It made you realize that one kiss and saying you are sorry isn’t all that is needed when a marriage has gone down hill. It would be a good book to use in marriage counseling.

  8. Robbob19

    This is one book to keep in your library. Doubt if you’ll forget it because it certainly is powerful. ‘Amongst the Flames’ may be a novel but the problems tackled here are far from fiction. Marriages simply don’t fail overnight. When trust is destroyed, a simple ‘I’m Sorry’ won’t bring it back.From the outside looking in, it was easy to see problems with both Cole and Megan. But they weren’t outside looking in, they were in the midst of the fire. Communication issues, selfishness and life’s frustrations take a heavy toll. As said above, this may be fiction but it’s also a textbook for real life marriage problems.I really liked ‘hearing’ the man’s POV here. I loved the healing process and how G_d’s role in a marriage is a must. Would love for more books to show the man’s thoughts, feelings and actions like this one.

  9. R Titsworth

    Things may feel simple in a book, but there is still truth here. There can be second chances-it only takes one to make a change and the marriage will change. Ultimately, both must choose to work on the marriage to make it last but change starts with one. Choosing to follow God and have a relationship with Him also makes all the difference no matter what happens.

  10. jjack929

    Amongst the Flames is listed as a Christian Romance, but this might not be a very accurate tag for the outside viewer. This is a book about the power of God and prayer to solve the problems of life, particularly in a Christian marriage. In this regard, Chapin has hit a home run, spinning a tale of a firefighter desperately trying to save his marriage, and he brilliantly captures the many facets of the Christian life that are “hard” to follow.In this, Amongst the Flames has the distinction of being one of very few that actually caused an epiphany. That a book is written well enough for a main character to have a believable, relate-able epiphany is one thing, but when that book causes the *reader* to have a similar one, that’s a book worth your time to read. And Amongst the Flames accomplishes that.Amongst the Flames is a little reminiscent of the movie Fireproof with Kirk Cameron, specifically because both are about firefighters in danger of their marriage failing, and neither even understands the problem. However, where Fireproof, to me, had the main character come around a little too easily (despite how long it took), Chapin works Cole Taylor’s change believably. Cole does not simply hear the Word and change, nor does he read it and instantly change. He reads it over time and realizes his mistakes, starts to work on correcting them, but then he still makes mistakes. He still reacts like “a normal human being.” He still *screws up* – and that’s why readers will relate to him so well, whether Christian or just curious about how it’s supposed to work in a Christian marriage.This book does not browbeat you with Bible verses or perfect people setting a perfect example; even the secondary characters who are “more devout” and are dispensing advice have gone through the same problems. There are no perfect characters, no one preaching from a mountaintop from which they’ve never experienced life. Readers should be able to relate to almost any of the characters in Amongst the Flames, because all of them are just like us to some extent.I won’t get into my own epiphany, other than to say this book made me really think about how antithetical we are, by nature, to the nature and Word of God. And that’s why it’s so important to take it in on a daily basis, to discuss it with our brothers and sisters in Christ, and to live it, not just memorize it.I feel I am better off for having read this book, and I invite everyone else – Christian or not – to take a spin through it (this is very easy reading even at over 200 pages) and think on its principles and suggestions.

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