One Beautiful Faith: A Christian Romance About Growing In Christ (Faithful Love Book 4)

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What if your husband left you at eight months pregnant?

Fighting for her own life as well as her baby boy, Courtney pieced together the broken pieces of their life and started over. Five years later, and now with a four-year-old, she’s about to face another devastating blow she didn’t see coming.

What do you do when the future seems uncertain? How does hardship build faith? What if your plans were never part of God’s better plan for you?

Rhett’s heart longs for the life he once knew and blames God for it going wrong. Little does he know God pursues His children like loss sheep gone astray. Rhett’s heart is about to change in an unimaginable way.

Faith-filled and inspirational, this Christian romance will keep you turning the pages until the very end. Join Rhett and Courtney as they embark on a journey of love, faith, and hope like you have never read before. T.K. Chapin tackles the issue of fading faith, hope in the darkness, and overcoming fears in this uplifting Christian novel you’ll love to read. Christians will be encouraged and uplifted as the author weaves Scripture and real-life together in one piece of entertaining literature.

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A Christian romance about growing in Christ, One Beautiful Faith, shows readers what real Biblical faith not only looks like but how it grows.

Story Sample from One Beautiful Faith:

Chapter 1

Breathing a sigh of relief as the clock struck six o’clock at One Fine Diner on Lincoln City’s boardwalk, Courtney Fitzgerald loosened her apron and sat herself by the computer. She clocked off and had the lead waitress, Taylor, pay her out for the credit card tips. Courtney then took her apron and headed toward the back of the restaurant to leave.

Walking through the parking lot to her car, she counted her tips from the evening’s shift. Her total from the shift was twenty-eight dollars. Sighing, she shoved the money into her purse and continued to her car. Opening the car door, she got in and turned the key over. It had been slower at the diner that night, and two too many servers were on the floor again. It made it easier to manage, but it hurt Courtney where it mattered most—her tips. With the recent increase in rent and her four-year-old son needing a new winter jacket soon, her heart grew faint in that moment as she felt herself slipping beneath the undertow of stress over the current financial situation she was in.

Courtney drove over to her sister Natalie’s house to pick up her son.

“I hope Tony wasn’t too much for you today.”

“He’s never too much for us! He even helped me with dishes today after lunch.” Brushing Tony’s head of hair softly as she smiled, Natalie lifted her eyes to meet Courtney’s. “How was it today at work?”

“They had too many servers on again.” Courtney sighed. “I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’m not making enough with serving.”

“That’s a bummer, Sis. Maybe you can find another job? Or maybe a second one?”

Courtney’s pulse skyrocketed as she peered down at her little four-year-old boy. “I already don’t see him enough as it is. A job with longer hours or a second job would take even more of the little time I already have with him.”

Opening her hands as she smiled, Natalie shook her head. “Well, you could always rob a bank?”

Light laughter lifted from Courtney’s lips as she mustered the strength to smile. “Ha-ha.”

Natalie laughed. “God will come through. Just keep praying and trusting that He has a plan. You know He is faithful, Sis.”

Courtney smiled. “That He is. Someday, I’ll understand the purpose of the struggle. Until then, I guess I’ll keep praying for a guy like Jeremy.”

Doe eyed and eyelashes fluttering, Natalie’s smile grew at the mention of her husband’s name. “He is one in a million.”

“I guess I’d better find a new million.”

Tony yanked on Courtney’s hand. “Come on, Mommy! I’m hungry!”

“I’d better go. Thanks again, Sis.”

“See you two tomorrow!”

Drying off her hands with a kitchen towel soon after doing the dishes in her apartment, Courtney tossed it over on the counter and then removed Tony from his booster seat at the table. She looked straight into his ocean blue eyes. Her heart warmed as his little lips curled into a smile, and her heart felt as if it gained a new wave of strength to go on. To the world, he might have just been a four-year-old boy, but to her, he was the world.

Holding him by the hand, she walked with him to his bedroom. She then tucked him into his racecar bed, prayed with him, and planted a goodnight kiss on his cheek.

“Love you, bud.” She brushed his cheek gently with the palm of her hand and then stood from his bedside.

He rolled over to face the wall. “I love you too, Mommy.”

Shutting his door, Courtney paused in the hallway as her heart ached. She had once again run out of money and had no way to pay rent in two weeks. She did her best to keep it together in front of Tony—he had no clue that his mommy didn’t know how they were going to make it through the next month—but she was losing strength with each new day.

Wiping her cheeks, she went into her bedroom and sat down at the computer desk. Powering on the computer tower, she waited for it to boot. The waitress job just wasn’t enough money, not after getting that newer used car at Dale’s Auto after her Buick died last week. The new car had drained her emergency fund and took part of the money she had set aside for rent.

The computer finally booted.

Before touching the keyboard, she bowed her head and folded her hands. More tears came as her heart poured out and upward toward heaven. Though she was grieved and even worried, her heart stirred with warmth and power upon going to prayer.

“I’m drowning, Lord. I can’t afford the most basic needs in life. Please help me. I don’t believe in those phony false teachers selling prosperity on television, but I do believe in You. I do believe You will take care of me and my son. A second job might not be what I want, but it might be what I need. Whatever happens, I know You are in control, and You are always faithful to deliver just what I need. Teach my heart to lean more on You and help me to see Your will more clearly in my life. Help me not to falter in my trust in You. Amen.”

Opening a browser on the computer, she started her research. She wanted to learn how to make money on the side from home. She knew of a few women from the church who had done it, so maybe she could? In addition to that, she planned to browse the available jobs on the market.


Rhett rose early, before the sun had a chance to rise, and got dressed for the day and the chores he had to do out on the farm. He had to finish them all before going into town to see the doctor. After eating a bowl of oatmeal and a few eggs, he headed out to the chicken coop to feed the chickens.

Shaking the pellets of feed across the floor of the coop, he saw Nancy, one of the hens, limping near the corner of the coop. Setting his bucket down, he went over and got down on one knee to inspect her. Trying to get a closer look, Rhett grabbed for her, but a sharp pain shot through his shoulder. He ground his teeth.

That doctor had better fix this, he thought to himself as he rose to his feet. His shoulder had been hurting for five months now and had only seemed to get worse with each new day.

After leaving the chicken coop, he headed over to the barn where his old beat-up pickup truck sat waiting for him to load a few hay bales on for the cattle in the field. He peered over at the burnt-up milk house where the fire had been years ago. He still had yet to clean and make repairs to it.

Turning his gaze away from it, he entered the barn and headed for the ladder. He climbed the ladder that led up into the upper loft and tossed a few bales of hay down, fighting through the shoulder pain as he did so.

Rhett climbed back down the ladder and drove the truck out of the barn just as the light of the sunrise started peeking over the hills on his property. Coming to the gate that led out into the field, he got out of the truck and unhinged the gate to open it. Glancing at the rolling hills of the property, he saw the beautiful sunrise and breathed a heavy sigh. It wasn’t easy for Rhett to enjoy it, not with the shoulder pain and not with the painful memories of what had happened.

He got back in the truck and drove out into the field. The cab bumped him up and down as he made his way over to the fence line where the cattle were currently grazing.

Rhett parked and climbed into the back of the truck and broke apart the first bale of hay. Using the pitchfork he had in the bed, he pushed the hay off the tailgate.

Watching as Vern came over first from the pack, Rhett raised an eyebrow. “How are you doing this morning, Vern?”

The cow lifted its head and looked at him, then went back to eating the hay.

After he fed the cows, he headed over to the backside of the barn where his milk cows were grazing. He parked and corralled his milk cows and milked them in the barn. He then stored the milk in containers in the large industrial-sized refrigerator. His neighbor Oscar would be by later in the morning to pick up the milk and deliver it to their neighbors free of charge. Rhett then swung by the chicken coop again to collect the eggs before heading inside. He took all of the eggs back to the barn to leave for Oscar. By the time all the morning chores were done, it was eight o’clock and his shoulder was burning with pain.

On Rhett’s property, about a football field away from the back of the house, there was a large oak tree. At the base of the tree, there was a patch of dirt, a stump, and a wooden cross with the name Tommy written across the front. This place was sacred ground for Rhett and a place he frequented daily without fail.

Rhett still had time before he needed to leave for the doctor, so after his chores were complete, he went to the stump and sat down. Taking off his worn out gray baseball cap, he set it on his knee and bowed his head. He let out a heavy breath of air, focusing his thoughts.

“Oh, Tommy . . . this farm is getting to be too much for me.” He laughed lightly as he shook his head. “I know I might only be twenty-eight years old, but I feel eighty-two.”

He grabbed his shoulder and rubbed it.

“I’m nervous about the doctor this morning, Son. I don’t think it’s going to be a good prognosis. It’s been too long to be anything minor.”

Peering out toward the rolling hills just beyond the fence where the cows were earlier that morning, he thought of his late wife, Cynthia. “Tell Momma I’m thinking of her.”

Standing up, he placed his hat back on firmly and then walked back to the house. He took a shower and got dressed to go into town.


Waking to the sound of Tony giggling in her bedroom, Courtney blinked her eyes open and peered over to the side of her bed. Her son was standing covered from head to toe in purple marker. It was on his face, on his hands, arms, feet, and all over his pajamas and hair.

Courtney let out a burst of laughter, then covered her mouth and turned away to hide it. She didn’t want to encourage the behavior but couldn’t help but find it humorous at the same time.

A moment later, she turned back to him and sat up in the bed. With a serious look on her face, she lifted her eyebrows. “What did you do, Tony?”

“I was playing purple monster. Rawr!” Pretending he had claws, he pounced onto the bed covers and pretended to attack the air as he growled playfully.

Reaching forward, she tickled him into falling over onto the covers and then continued to tickle him a moment longer before he pleaded for her to stop.

“Mommy! Mommy! Stop.”

Releasing her hands from tickling him, she peered into his eyes as he looked at her.

“Come on, let’s go get you cleaned up and then eat some breakfast. Oh, and Tony?”

“Yes, Mommy?”

“Don’t do this again. Got it?”

“Got it.”

The two of them went to the bathroom, and Courtney spent the next twenty minutes scrubbing him in the bathtub. Then she helped him get dressed and they went into the kitchen. She pulled down a box of Tony’s cereal and made him a bowl. As he ate at the table, she went back into her bedroom to collect dirty clothes for the laundr0mat. As she loaded her hamper with dirty clothes, she thought about the two and a half hours she spent online reading articles about making money on the side and the couple of jobs she had applied for in the wee hours of the night. She didn’t have the desire, time, or money to start any of the ideas she found online about side incomes, so she was praying that one of the part-time jobs she applied for would come through.


Hearing Tony’s voice at her doorway, she glanced over at him. “Yes, dear?”

“Can we go down to the ocean today?”

Thinking about the laundry she had to do, then about lunch and shopping before going into work, Courtney’s heart weakened. Disappointment in herself dripped from her lips as she responded. “I’m sorry, bud. We don’t have time today. There’s too much to do before I have to go into work.”

“Why do you have to work every day? Jonathan and Macy’s mom doesn’t have to work.”

Macy and Jonathan were her sister Natalie’s two children.

“Some people just don’t have to work. Okay? I know it’s hard. It’s hard for me too, but just keep praying. Okay?”

Tony’s voice was soft. “Okay . . .”

“Have you been praying?”

He shook his head.


“I’ll start praying right now.”

With a look of determination, Tony exited the doorway of her bedroom. Courtney turned her heart and mind toward Heaven. Thank You, Lord. Thank You for giving me that precious boy before Michael left town. I might not understand why everything had to happen the way it did, but I have enough sense and faith to know You always have a plan. Amen.


Arriving at the doctor’s office that morning, Rhett signed in and sat down in one of the chairs in the waiting room. He felt uneasy. Waiting rooms and doctors hadn’t ever been his favorite things in life, too many bad memories from when he was a child. As his wait bled into the twenty-minute mark, he turned to the guy beside him.

“What’s the point of having an appointment if you don’t get to go back there at the time of the appointment?”

The man laughed and nodded. “Right.”

“Rhett Hammon?”

“That’s me.”

Hurrying through the doorway, he walked with the nurse down a hall.

The nurse stopped at a scale and motioned toward him. “Step on.”

He stepped on, then she led him over to a room where she took his vitals.

“You stressed? Your bottom number is a little on the high side.”

“Don’t care for doctor offices much.”

As she removed the blood pressure cuff, her eyes met his. “Okay. Well, the doctor will be in to see you shortly.”

Lying down on the bed in the room, he stared at the ceiling slats. He thought about the way the room smelled sterile, much like the cancer center he had visited in his past. Another ten minutes went by, and the door opened.

Finally, the doctor arrived.

“Thank you for waiting so patiently.”

“I don’t know how patient I was about it.”

The doctor smiled. “I’m Doctor Blower. What brings you in today?”

“My shoulder pain has been getting worse and worse.”

“Did you injure it?”

Rhett shrugged.

“Well, when did it start? Was there a certain time you can remember it starting to hurt?”

“Yeah, it was about five months ago, after I had gone north to get some hay from a guy.”

The doctor came closer, inspecting each shoulder.

“Did something happen on that trip?”

“Well, I fell off the truck out in the field when we were looking at the hay.”

The doctor’s eyebrows shot up. “Did you hit your shoulder?”

“Yeah, landed on it.”

The doctor smiled. “Sounds like an injury to me, Rhett. Go ahead and lift this hand above your head for me.”

Trying to lift the hand, Rhett struggled, then dropped his arm.

“Okay. Now can you rotate your arm for me?”

He started to do it, and another deep pain radiated, and he stopped.

“I think you might have torn your rotator cuff.”

“Okay. What do we do about that?”

“Well, I need to verify that’s what’s going on. We need an X-ray for sure, and then we’ll go from there.”

“Is this something where you give me something for the pain and I get better in a couple of days?”

The doctor shook his head. “I wish it were that simple, Rhett. But with the length of time it’s been since the injury, I’m guessing it might be more involved than just medication.”

Rhett’s eyes widened. “What do you mean?”

“Let’s just get the X-ray started, and we’ll go from there.” As the doctor was about to leave, Rhett stopped him.

“Doc. Please just tell me what you’re thinking.”

Looking back at Rhett, Doctor Blower shook his head. “You might need surgery.”

“Surgery? For some shoulder pain? C’mon!”

“Let’s just see where we are after the X-ray. Okay? And it is not just some pain. It’s limited range of motion, as you’ve shown through the initial examination. If you don’t get it fixed, it’ll only get worse.”

As the doctor shut the door of the room, Rhett peered up at the ceiling. Letting out a heavy sigh, he lay back down. He knew what surgery meant. It meant he would be lying in a hospital for some unknown amount of time, followed by more rest at home.

Bowing his head, he folded his hands together. I know we don’t talk much, God, but I’m in a jam here. I really can’t deal with surgery right now. Please help me out. Since you messed up so much in my life, maybe you can do something for me this one time? How about that?

Rhett stopped praying as it felt every word he was speaking toward Heaven was merely bouncing off the ceiling above him. Deep down, he knew God didn’t care about his requests. He hadn’t in the past, so why would He now?



A Christian Romance About Growing In Christ

Good Christian romance novels need to show how we can grow in Christ and that’s what you’ll find when you pick up a copy of this T.K. Chapin novel.

Through much prayer and consideration, T.K. Chapin has fashioned this story into a piece of Christian literature that will bless you in reading and encourage you in your walk with Christ.

About The Author

Christian Author T.K. Chapin Portrait

The Christian Author Who Keeps God At The Center Of Everything.

T.K. CHAPIN is an award-winning Inspirational Christian Romance and fiction author who designs his stories to inspire and tug on your heartstrings.

He believes that telling authentic stories of faith, love, and family helps build the faith of believers while inviting non-believers into the reality of God.

Each story highlights how God can work in the lives of those who follow Him.

Chapin gives all credit for his writing and storytelling abilities to God. The majority of his stories take place in and around his hometown of Spokane Washington.

Chapin & his wife reside in Southeast Idaho and have three children.

When not writing, he enjoys traveling, swimming, and spending time with friends & family.

Vision For Christian Romance Novels With Realistic Characters

Christian romance novels are often just about two people falling in love, but it goes far beyond just that in T.K. Chapin books.

Real-to-life stories about realistic people are in every single book that Chapin writes.

People struggle with their life and sometimes their faith, Chapin captures that in every story he tells.

If you’re looking for a Christian romance novel that not only entertains but also inspires, pick up a copy of one of the many titles T.K. Chapin has published.

The Vision

As a Christian author, speaker and entrepreneur, it’s T.K. Chapin’s hope and desire to help build the Kingdom of God for His glory alone. It’s through the stories, articles, and connections with others that this is made possible.

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