One Sunday Drive: Second Chance Romance (Diamond Lake Series Book 4)

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When Katie’s work as a photographer takes her back to her hometown of Newport Washington for a wedding, Katie runs into a part of her past she thought was over. Can an old flame be rekindled? Or are some things just better left in the past?

From the award winning and best-selling Inspirational Romance Author T.K. Chapin comes a story of love, faith and family that will keep your fingers turning the page to see what happens next.

One Sunday Drive is book four in the Inspirational fiction Diamond Lake Series by T.K. Chapin.

****Can be read as a standalone


10 reviews for One Sunday Drive: Second Chance Romance (Diamond Lake Series Book 4)

  1. Pamela Britton

    Excellent story. I really enjoyed reading about people having faith and a happy ending going through life with all the highs and lows of every day life.

  2. Beverly Jones

    This is a fair and honest review of the book, “One Sunday Drive”, written by author T.K. Chapin. No monetary compensation was received for this review. All views and opinions expressed here are strictly those of the reader.This could possibly be read as a stand alone book, however, I would not recommend it. First of all, I advise reading the first three books of the series to give you a background of the people and places that appear in each book. Furthermore, why deny yourself the opportunity to read three additional excellent books?The story revolves around Katie who is a career photographer. She is hired to photograph a wedding in a town called Newport, which is where she grew up. Katie’s high school sweetheart still resides in Newport, which causes her some stress in deciding whether or not to accept the job and have to run into him throughout the event. She had left Newport years ago and had never been back because Joe had cheated on her. Would these hurtful memories deter her from accepting the photo shoot? Is there room in Katie’s heart for forgiveness and a second chance? If so, could it be possible that Katie and Joe could still embrace a future together? If they could rely on God, maybe it could be a possibility. A solid relationship needs God and the Holy Spirit to make it strong. Also, Katie would need to rely on God to be able to trust again!A couple of other issues that arise in the book are those of alcoholism and suicide. The person we encounter here is Katie’s brother. He was wealthy, yet unhappy, unfulfilled, and felt unloved. He needs God in his life but continues to turn to the bottle. Will he stop before it is too late? Will he call out to Jesus Christ to fill the void in his life, or will his depression cause him to take his own life?Thank you, Mr. Chapin, for another fabulous book! This has been an awesome series so far as have all of the others. They continue to captivate me from page one, and they are difficult to put down! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in book number five!

  3. Mary Rhonda Marquez

    Love this series, even though it means I need to buy stock in Kleenex. For some reason these heartwarming stories about life and God make me cry, but I wouldn’t miss them. Now to get the next book.

  4. Ann

    Loved this book with story of reconciliation reminds me of what Jesus did on the cross reconciling God with man

  5. MuffyMay

    It was intriguing how they all came back together. Also they tried to deny their feelings but the Lord kept bringing incidencesIt was IngridGIt was intriguing how they tried to deny their feelings and yet incidences would come up to make the feelings resurface. The Lord kept reminding them. It kept interesting with the Inn as the focus on the wedding. I recommend to any age.

  6. Anita Madden

    Another great love story, including God’s will that we save ourselves for marriage. What a great teaching! A story of second chances.

  7. Becky Carpenter

    One Sunday Drive, written by T.K. Chapin, is book four of the Diamond Lake Series.This has been a fun series to read by Chapin. He’s taken the core Diamond Lake characters and intricately woven them throughout the series. Although I think it’s best to read the series in order by book one and so on, I am sure that the reader wouldn’t be disappointed if they read them out of order. By reading them in order, the characters build upon themselves and complete the bigger picture, but singularly each story has a great inspirational Christian romance story that completes each book.This book, One Sunday Drive, I’m pretty sure my favorite character is…Joe. Oh yeah, he’s a guy who was rough around the edges and actually fought with Charlie in book one, but since then has found that he needed to grow up. This book shows a side of Joe that you’ll want to get to know. I also have a second favorite character…Connor! Yep, he is the typical younger brother of Katie…rich, successful, bratty, selfish, but also very vulnerable. This book shows him go through some struggles and find that he’s truly not alone and he should depend mainly on God, but that there are also people who love him just for being him.One of the quotes I took from this book is “Some of the greatest difficulties aren’t the decisions we make, but the results of them.” Several characters had to deal with the results in many different ways in this book and through it all, Chapin amplifies Christ is our first go-to.Recommend the books of this series so far and can’t wait for the next in this Christian romance series!

  8. Nancy J. Pfannkuche

    All of Chain’s books are Christian based and that is a good point. They are simple and easy to understand. Love to keep reading more and more stories.

  9. Amazon Customer

    I have really enjoyed this series. It deals with real life struggles and issues. I recommend this book very highly

  10. SheriD

    I enjoyed all 4 books in this series. It was a very quick read but was also an inspirational story. I have read several TK Chapun books and enjoyed them all

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