The Trust We Hold: A Clean Cop Love Story (Beyond The Badge Book 2)

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How do you learn to trust?

Officer Nathan Rodgers is a man who has seen the best and worst sides of humanity. Serving the Spokane Police Department in Eastern Washington, he lives to protect the innocent. After his wife abandoned him and his daughter, he stopped believing he could trust anyone.

To trust we must give and to give we must first have.

Tiffany Carlson only ever wanted what was best for her son Eli. She trusted his father with her whole heart, her whole existence, and then he destroyed her. How could she ever trust again?

The Trust We Hold is a clean cop romance about love, faith, and hope. Hope filled and inspirational, this clean romance shines a light into the darkness that is ever-present in both the world and in relationships. Christians will be encouraged and lifted up as they join Nathan and Tiffany on this unforgettable second chance love story and journey of learning to trust again.

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Nathan doesn’t know how to trust people and it’s starting to impact his life in a major way. The Trust We Hold is a clean Christian cop love story that will keep you turning the pages.

Story Sample from The Trust We Hold:

Chapter 1

It wasn’t the childhood he wanted, but it was the one Nathan Rodgers was given. There were good parts mixed in with the bad, though. For instance, out on the hundred and eleven-acre farm he grew up on, there was a secret place where Nathan found rest from his troubles. It was where the dirt road began to bend around the corner of the rolling hills, and if you were quiet enough, you could hear the small creek that ran through the property. He’d never caught much in that creek, but he’d never ventured out there for just that. For Nathan, it was a refuge from the storms of life. It was a place where he could spend time alone and think over his life since his mother had dropped him off at the young age of thirteen.

Staring out at the field that led out to that faithful corner of his own personal history, Nathan, now forty-two, stood on the edge of the farmhouse porch wondering what had happened to his life. His wife, Shawna, had just left him and their fourteen-year-old daughter, Bella. She had made her escape in the middle of the night, leaving just a scribble of a note on the back of a napkin sitting on the kitchen table. She ran away with a guy from work, and they were headed to Vegas.

Smoothing a hand over his face, Nathan rubbed his neck. His breath was heavy, and his heart was broken. What had he done that was so bad to make her leave? What could he have done to stop her from going?

The door from the farmhouse opened behind him, and out stepped his sweet daughter, Bella.

“Hey, Dad?” Just the sound of her voice shattered Nathan’s heart again. She was everything to him, and he’d thought she was everything to Shawna as well.

Turning around, Nathan dug for strength deep inside himself. He looked into the eyes of his precious daughter. “Yes, sweetheart?”

“When’s Mom going to be back from her trip?”

Guilt sliced through his heart in an instant. His chin dipped. He had lied, but the lie was even something he himself believed to some extent, or at least wanted to. A part of him, the part that still loved Shawna, hoped his wife would return to the two of them and say everything was just one big mistake and that she was sorry. The other part of him already knew she was gone for good. The warning signs had been there for months for Nathan. He was just too naive to see them as reality.

“I don’t know. Go back in and get on your homework.”

She went inside, but then his grandfather, Ervin, who had raised him since he was thirteen, came out. His face was long and full of pity.

Nathan grew uneasy and went over to the rocking chair a few steps away and sat down. He kept staring toward that field, wanting and pleading in his heart for the days of his youth to come back to him. But even those weren’t easy years. Even those weren’t good. He didn’t like pain, didn’t care for heartache either, but it seemed every woman he’d ever loved had given him just that.

Ervin tarried a moment on the porch then came over and sat down beside him. Not saying a word, he joined Nathan in his gaze toward the field.

Nathan appreciated the presence without the conversation. He had already talked the matter to death with both Ervin and his grandmother, Sharon, earlier in the day. There wasn’t anything left to talk about now. Some moments in life don’t need words but rather the warmth of another’s soul, and this was one of those moments.

Arriving home that night from his grandparents’ house, Nathan walked into the kitchen after Bella had headed up to her bedroom. He peered around in his kitchen. Memories adjacent to every square inch of the space caused the ache in his heart to widen and spread into the depths of his soul. There was a splash of spaghetti sauce on the upper part of the wall from a plate of spaghetti that Shawna had launched into it just a few days ago. He must’ve missed the spot when he had cleaned. The ripped corner of the kitchen rug where their cat, Max, had clawed. Everything in that kitchen, everything in that house, had a memory attached to it. A memory that would only drive the pain deeper into his heart.

When days turned into weeks and weeks into months with no word from Shawna, Nathan finally succumbed to the fact she wasn’t ever coming back. After a hard conversation with his daughter, he put the house up on the market, and then the two of them moved. A year after that, he filed for divorce, using the last known address he had for her from the one communication she had sent, a birthday card to Bella.

Walking out of the courthouse the day he had submitted the paperwork, he walked in the shadows of the towering pine trees that lined the sidewalk outside the court. He found his way over to a bench and sat down. The smell of freshly cut grass filled his nostrils. It reminded him of their wedding day sixteen years ago. They were happy then. He recalled shoving cake into each other’s faces and celebrating their love. He thought about all the vacations, the buying of their house, and then the birth of sweet Bella. He hadn’t suspected that Shawna was unhappy at all up until that last year before she left. It still bothered him deeply that he hadn’t known what to do to keep her from going. He didn’t know what he done to cause her to leave, just like he didn’t know what had caused his mother to drop him off all those years ago at the farm. He resolved in his heart that day on the bench outside the courthouse that he may never know anything about either woman. But he did know one thing. He was the one common denominator between both situations.


Buttoning up his uniform the next day at the precinct, Nathan let out a heavy sigh.

“What’s up, Rodgers?” Michael Dawson, fellow police officer and friend, had overheard his sigh on his way to his locker.

“Just filed those papers yesterday.”

Michael dipped his chin for a moment and shook his head. “I’m sorry, brother. I know that was hard on you.”

“It’s okay.” Recalling Michael’s life and how he hardly saw his family because of working two jobs, Nathan raised a hand. “Don’t worry about it, Dawson. I couldn’t imagine what you’re dealing with, working all the time.”

“I get by. It’s for the greater good. You know?”

Walking out to his police cruiser a short while later, Nathan got in and turned the key over. Setting aside his feelings over filing paperwork on his divorce, he focused on the shift ahead of him. He couldn’t let distractions get in the way. He had a job to do and a city to protect.

A few hours into his shift, dispatch requested backup for a traffic stop near Northtown mall. Responding to the request, Nathan drove over to the mall and parked behind Officer Martinez’s cruiser. He saw the black SUV that was pulled over, Martinez at the window on the driver’s side. Nathan radioed in to dispatch that he was on scene.

Stepping out of his cruiser, he approached officer Martinez.

The smell of marijuana filled the air on his approach.

Martinez stepped away from the window and walked back toward Nathan, and they fell into step together to the back of the SUV.

“This guy is stoned out of his mind. He thinks just because it’s legal in the state of Washington, he can drive around smoking it.”

“Wow. That’s ridiculous.”

“Yeah. Can’t even search vehicles anymore because of the smell alone, and he refused when I asked if I could.”

“What’d you pull him over for?”


“Write him the ticket for that then, I guess.”


“The politicians who make up these laws and legalize drugs don’t know how unsafe they are making it for everyone else on the roads.”

“It’s a shame.”

Martinez nodded as he wrote the ticket for the gentleman.

Suddenly, the man in the SUV shifted into drive and peeled out in the gravel, speeding off down the road.

Both officers jumped into their cruisers, radioing in for the pursuit and requesting additional backup.

Flipping on his lights and sirens, adrenaline pumped into Nathan’s bloodstream. He flew down Division street heading northbound. He then floored the gas pedal and radioed in as he got eyes on the SUV weaving in and out of traffic. Nathan passed by cars which had pulled over and went around ones stopped in his way.

Flying through a red light, he swerved to miss a car coming through the intersection then finally caught up to the back bumper of the SUV.

The SUV swerved across the road, heading for the Highway 2 ramp. Radioing in the change in direction, he saw the SUV turn again onto East Holland Avenue. He again radioed in.

A tire suddenly popped on the SUV, sending sparks flying as he veered out of control and into the Fairwinds Retirement Community parking lot. Before the SUV was completely stopped, the man jumped from the vehicle and started to run.

Slamming on his brakes, Nathan pulled into the parking lot and followed him in his cruiser around the building. The suspect jumped over a fence and started through a small field toward a Walmart on the other side. Parking, Nathan radioed in that he was on foot and chased after the man.

Jumping the fence, he yelled, “Stop! You are under arrest!”

The man looked back for a second but then hastened his steps.

Pushing himself harder, Nathan tried to quicken his steps enough to catch the suspect, but he failed. Just as the man reached the parking lot of Walmart, Martinez’s cruiser showed up to block his way. Jumping out, Martinez tackled him to the ground, ending the pursuit.

Nathan slowed his pace as he came to the two of them.

Nathan panted for air, trying to catch his breath. After gaining a little breath, he spoke to the suspect. “You were just going to have a speeding ticket, dude. What were you thinking?”

Martinez, after cuffing him, flipped him over onto his back in the grass.

“This is police brutality!”

“No, this is you being dumb and running from the police. It’s called justice.”

Nathan opened the back door of Martinez’s cruiser. Martinez pulled the guy upright from the grass and led him over and into the back of the vehicle. The suspect was about to say something more, but Martinez slammed the door shut.

He turned to Nathan.

“Thanks for the help.”

“You’re welcome.” Glancing over as the rest of the backup arrived, Nathan let out a sigh and smiled. “We got him. That’s the important thing.”

Returning to his cruiser after all the information was gathered, Nathan’s phone had a notification on it. It was a text from his daughter, Bella.

Bella: Can I skip watching the basketball game tonight? Macy and Kim really want me to go see this new movie that is coming out.

His daughter loved playing basketball during the winter and watching games with her dad in the Spring. She wasn’t five anymore, though. She was fifteen. She had friends, and more and more, a life. It was hard seeing her grow up with each passing year, but he knew it was part of the process. He replied to her text.

Nathan: Of course you can. Be home by ten.

Slipping his cell phone back into his pocket, Nathan glanced in the direction where he had chased the suspect on foot. He was glad the guy was caught but wasn’t happy with his inability to catch him on his own. Running was never Nathan’s best ability, and he was reminded of it every time he had to chase a suspect on foot.


At his weekly dinner at his grandparents’ house the following day on Saturday, Nathan had a delightful bowl of chicken noodle soup. He missed home cooking. His grandmother, Sharon, collected the empty bowls from the dining room table and went into the kitchen, leaving Ervin and Nathan alone.

“Where is Bella this week?”

Nathan smiled slightly and shrugged. “Friends. She’s getting older now. Seems to have a life.”

“Which is to be expected, but she needs to spend time with you as well.”

“Why?” Nathan shook his head, grabbing the deck of cards from the middle of the table. He began to shuffle.

“It’s healthy for them to spend time with family. I’m not saying all the time, just some of the time. When they get older, it’s only family that will remain. The friends come and go like the tides of the ocean.”

Nathan laughed at the metaphor. “I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Kids are always learning. Catching whatever is thrown their way. If it’s just other kids influencing them, they’ll catch more immaturity.”

“Like you always say, ‘caught, not taught.’ ”

“Exactly.” Ervin glanced at Nathan’s hands which were still shuffling the cards. “You going to deal those cards or just keep shuffling?”

Nathan grinned, then dealt out cards for a game of rummy. As they played, they briefly discussed the divorce filing but then quickly moved on to the Golden State basketball game from the other night. Then the crazy pursuit from the day. Nathan loved talking to his grandfather, and while much of what they talked about was surface-level stuff, he knew he could always go to him about anything. His grandfather was a religious man, but he never pushed it too hard onto Nathan after he grew up and moved out.

That evening, when Bella came home at ten o’clock, Nathan asked her to join him in the living room.

“Am I in trouble?” She set her purse down on the couch, her eyebrows up and her arms immediately going to the crossed position. “It’s a few minutes before ten. You can look at the clock, Dad. I’m not late.”

“I know, sweetheart. It’s not that.”

Okay . . .” She sat down, but her muscles were tensed and she held a look of suspicion in her eyes. “What’s up then?”

“I want us to spend more time together. I know you’re getting older and your friends are more important, but we are still a family. We have to keep it that way.”

Furrowing her eyebrows, she shook her head. “Family? Me and you? We haven’t been a family since Mom left, Dad.”

The sting of words seeped into his heart, but he did his best to not let it show. “I know things have been hard in that regard, but it’s important to stick together. We’re still a family, Bella.”

“Okay. So, what? I can’t go out anymore with my friends? Is that what this is?”

“No. I’m not saying that. I’m saying like two days a week, you just stay in. When we go to Grandma and Grandpa’s house on Saturdays and on Thursdays. How about that?”

“Okay. I can do that.” She stood up and grabbed her purse. She was about out of the living room when Nathan stopped her.

“Hey, Bella?”


“I love you.”

She smiled back at him. “I love you too, Daddy.”

Walking out of the room, she headed down the hallway to her bedroom.

His phone buzzed with a notification a moment later. It was a text from the chaplain of his precinct.

Adam Jones: Chief tells me you were involved in a pretty intense pursuit. I’d like to meet on Monday with you at seven o’clock before your shift starts. Will that work for you, Nathan?

Nathan smiled and shook his head. He got along with the chaplain well enough, but he didn’t buy into the whole God thing as much as he and Michael did. There were too many messed up things in the world and in his own life that denounced the possibility of a loving and caring God living in the Heavens above. For Nathan, it just wasn’t his thing. He did, however, appreciate the friendship and support that the chaplain supplied to all the officers at the precinct.

Nathan: Sure, see you then.

Glancing over at the photograph of him and Bella on the bookcase near the window, he thought about the fact she’d be going on to college in just a few years. Then he’d be coming home to an empty house for the rest of his life. Is this really all there is for me? he wondered. Work, sleep, eat. His mind wandered for a moment toward the idea of being with someone new. Having someone to come home to. Fear wrapped itself around the idea in the next moment, choking the very life out of it. He couldn’t trust, not again.


A Clean Christian Cop Love Story You Will Love Reading

The police officers who protect our streets around the world risk their lives more than ever and they deserve to have a light shone on the good that they do. That’s why I decided to write the Beyond The Badge series. I feel a great sense of thankfulness for what the hard work that these men and women do every single day to protect our freedoms. If you’re a police officer reading this, thank you for what you do!

Through much prayer and consideration, T.K. Chapin has fashioned this story into a piece of Christian literature that will bless you in reading and encourage you in your walk with Christ.

About The Author

Christian Author T.K. Chapin Portrait

The Christian Author Who Keeps God At The Center Of Everything.

T.K. CHAPIN is an award-winning Inspirational Christian Romance and fiction author who designs his stories to inspire and tug on your heartstrings.

He believes that telling authentic stories of faith, love, and family helps build the faith of believers while inviting non-believers into the reality of God.

Each story highlights how God can work in the lives of those who follow Him.

Chapin gives all credit for his writing and storytelling abilities to God. The majority of his stories take place in and around his hometown of Spokane Washington.

Chapin & his wife reside in Southeast Idaho and have three children.

When not writing, he enjoys traveling, swimming, and spending time with friends & family.

Vision For Christian Romance Novels With Realistic Characters

Christian romance novels are often just about two people falling in love, but it goes far beyond just that in T.K. Chapin books.

Real-to-life stories about realistic people are in every single book that Chapin writes.

People struggle with their life and sometimes their faith, Chapin captures that in every story he tells.

If you’re looking for a Christian romance novel that not only entertains but also inspires, pick up a copy of one of the many titles T.K. Chapin has published.

The Vision

As a Christian author, speaker and entrepreneur, it’s T.K. Chapin’s hope and desire to help build the Kingdom of God for His glory alone. It’s through the stories, articles, and connections with others that this is made possible.

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