Up in Smoke: Christian Romantic Suspense Novel (Embers and Ashes Book 3)

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***** A suspenseful action packed Christian fiction that shows how one sin can unravel our entire life. *****

UP IN SMOKE is book three of the Inspirational Christian Fiction series EMBERS & ASHES. Through each book in the series follow the life of different Christian firefighters at station #9 as they face trials on and off the job. Each story is unique to the character it follows and will leave you feeling inspired to have a closer walk with the Lord.

From cats in trees to people dangling out windows of their three story homes, Firefighter Rick Alderman has seen it all. He’s been on the force for two decades now and is anxiously heading towards retirement. When a part-time hobby that was supposed to help break up the monotony takes a turn for the worst, Rick finds himself down a path he never wanted to be on.

When smoke rises, it signals there is a fire. Rick Alderman’s smoke has risen.

Taking matters into his own hands, Rick believes he can work his way out of the trouble he has found himself in. While his intentions were good, he finds himself spinning a web of lies and deceit that might just cause him to lose everything he cares about most in the world.

A Christian romantic suspense novel about the struggles in Christian marriages, love, forgiveness, and God’s healing power. Each page will have you turning to see what happens next.

Up in Smoke is the third installment to the best selling Christian Romance Amongst the Flames in the Embers & Ashes series. With a 4.5+ rating on the series by reviewers across the broad, it’s an easy pick for your next contemporary Christian fiction read. T.K. Chapin’s Christian fiction novels are never preachy feeling, but instead show how God plays a real role in the lives of Christian believers. All of T.K. Chapin’s inspirational Christian fiction novels inspire his readers to look at life differently and be inspired. Choosing to pick up a copy of Up in Smoke is a decision you will be happy you made.


Inspirational Christian Fiction – Embers & Ashes Series

(Book 1) Amongst The Flames
(Book 2) Out of the Ashes
(Book 3) Up in Smoke
(Book 4) After the Fire

Can be read as a standalone.




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10 reviews for Up in Smoke: Christian Romantic Suspense Novel (Embers and Ashes Book 3)

  1. Qburns

    I actually felt the emotions and pain of addiction in this book. We all have some kind of sin that taunts us and that God can truly fix anything if we totally surrender.

  2. PSusan

    T.K. Chapin is an author who continues to grow as a writer. This is his best series yet. I found Up In Smoke to be a wonderful thought provoking addition to the Ember and Ashes Series. This book has a realistic look at life and marriage. Chapin does not sugar coat the everyday walk in the Christian life but reveals the struggles and pitfalls through Rick’s story. There are surprises and disappointments but victories too. I really like how this author using the support and the accountability between the main characters, the secondary characters and God. That is definitely a blueprint for real lives.The plot deals with many issues such as guilt, forgiveness, personal revival, secrets, truth and pretend. There is attention to detail and well developed characters who are flawed but forgiven. Was I surprised that Rick was the main character struggling in this story? Perhaps but that only served to keep this series fresh and original.4.5 Stars

  3. Kindle Customer

    This book deals with a gambling addiction (something many people can relate to) and keeping secrets from one’s spouse (something I think a lot of people can relate to). This T.K. Chapin book will keep your interest ( but that is true of all the T.K. Chapin’s books – at least it’s true for all the ones I’ve read).

  4. Kindle Customer

    I really enjoy these clean Christian romances! Love, love, love the emphasis on the Christian faith!!

  5. Linda Rainey

    I am very impressed with this novel and the way the author has grown with his writing.This novel is a must read for married couples and defines what a marriage should be.What impressed me was the verse Ephesians 5:28 “he who loves his wife loves himself” this could apply to wives ,also.Thanks for the advance copy and the opportunity to give an honest review.

  6. Kindle Customer


  7. Linda Freeland

    I really loved this third book in the series! I love this entire series. Like I said before, after the second book, this series needs to be made into a movie. It is full of drama and Intrigue. I especially love this author! His books have such wonderful messages.

  8. Retired Rail

    Great author and the third in his series that is a joy to read.

  9. Becky Carpenter

    Up in Smoke, written by T.k. Chapin, is a great addition to the Embers and Ashes Series. This is book three of this Christian Romance series about the firemen at Fire Station No. 9 in Spokane. This series of books is all written from the point of view and lives of a different fireman of the station. I love the way that T.k. Chapin focuses on the male perspective. Each book is inspirational in a different way and his book, Up in Smoke, enhances the series. Each book could be read as a standalone, but reading them in order of the series reinforces the plots as you read about the different characters in the different book(s) and the relationships are able to be appreciated in a greater way. Up in Smoke adds more suspense to this series. You’ll find yourself on the edge of your seat waiting to find out what direction Chapin goes with several of the characters!Rick Alderman is the main character of Up in Smoke. I liked how Chapin takes Rick’s life and shows us that in the midst of making some really stupid decisions and then trying to lie his way out of them, Rick can find redemption in the midst of a HUGE mess he’s made of his life. Rick is a man in his 50’s so his decisions don’t just affect him, but his wife of 30 years and his adult daughter and her husband and even down to his grandchildren. There’s never a quick fix to change bad decisions that have taken years to accumulate bad results, but with faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and the knowledge that He alone can forgive and help change a person…anything is possible with Christ. As I read this story I could definitely see the truth in the verse in Numbers 32:23 “…be sure your sin will find you out.”T.k. Chapin isn’t your average Christian Inspirational fiction writer. Chapin doesn’t write his books on a preaching platform, but rather shows us through the lives of his characters how to grow a Christian life with real life experiences that we often have faced in our own lives…making them very relatable. Some of the books by Chapin are about male characters and written from their perspective. Many female inspirational authors write from the female perspective, which can be nice as a female reader, but I also enjoy the perspective of the male character and how their relationship with the Lord and the others in their lives can become closer to the Lord and His will for their life. Reading about a good strong male character who loves the Lord or reconnects with the Lord is encouraging.I recommend this book.

  10. James R

    Sometimes a story doesn’t always end the way you wanted it to. This one did. It helps me understand how deeply my mistakes in life can hurt my wife.

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