A Chance at Love An Inspirational Romance About Young Love


A Sweet & Wholesome Young Love Christian Romance

Slinging pepperonis and fighting off neighborhood dogs wasn’t exactly what Kyle Reynolds envisioned his life to be, but he was still young. Only nineteen-years-old, but a thinker, Kyle often found himself contemplating the meaning of life. One day he sets out on a journey of self-discovery that ends up leading him to the Lord. Along the way he meets a beautiful girl, there’s only one problem–she’s blind.

An inspirational Christian romance that will inspire your faith to new depths and set your heart on fire for the Lord. Overcoming difficulties in life becomes easier when we are able to rely on the Lord for strength. It’s through His power we are able to live free and wonderful lives.

A Life Worth Living: A Faith-Based Romance Novel


Release Date: 4.18.2022

How does the pain in our lives le.ad to the greatest love we’ll ever know?

Michael Jacobson runs a highly successful and still growing marketing agency in Detroit. His hours are long, his days are packed, and his personal life is non-existent. When his sister Kelly shows up on his doorstep one day requesting that he flies out to Spokane, Washington to watch over her son Samuel and their mother Lucille for a month, he almost says no until he finds out his mom has cancer. Michael’s relationship with his mother is complicated, but he loves her. He can’t help but agree to the trip in the hopes of making amends with his mother and being there for his sister in a time of need. When working remotely and caretaking for his mom and nephew become too much for one man, Michael makes the call into the hiring agency. Little did he know whom that phone call would soon bring into his life…

Michael will soon have to face a choice that will change everything he thought to be true.

Amanda Murphy is a single Christian mother who has made bad decisions a time or three in her life. Single and with a two-year-old child now, she longs for better days. A way out of her overbearing sister Tanya’s house seems impossible to her at the moment, so does a life she could ever be proud of calling her own. Clinging to her hope in Christ through prayer, Amanda’s tears are about to get answered in a way she never saw coming…

In a world dominated by worry and controlled by fear, Christians are called to live by faith. It’s in living by faith and not by sight, that Christians are enabled to live a life worth living. Circumstances change, but the truth and love of God will not and cannot change.

From the USA Today Bestselling Author T.K. Chapin comes an inspiring romance about love, family, forgiveness, and faith. Uplifting and encouraging, this wholesome novel is one that will keep you turning the pages late into the evening and leave you with a feeling that God’s love and control are ever-present in the world today and evermore.


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Because of You A Christian Romance Novel


What Happens When Your Best Friend Goes Missing In Afghanistan?

Samantha had everything a wife and mother could ask for in life. A loving husband, a beautiful daughter, and a baby on the way. Her life is thrown into a tailspin when her Army Sergeant husband Dakota goes missing in Afghanistan and assumed dead…

Now Samantha has the impossible task of moving on with her life. People have told her time heals all wounds, but she’s not buying it. It’s been two years and even though her life by all appearances had moved on, her heart hadn’t. Can God help Samantha’s heart move on? Or do some wounds never heal?

An inspirational Christian story that weaves together love, drama, military life, and God’s perfect timing. You will cry, laugh and smile as you join Samantha on an unforgettable journey in Because Of You.


Christian Christmas Romance Love Again

Losing someone hurts, losing someone who you planned to spend your forever with is devastating. Jillian Parker might only be in her twenties, but she’s been through one of the most difficult experiences one can endure in their lifetime – the loss of a spouse.

It’s been two years since Jillian’s husband Bradley passed away and she’s accepted life without love. One day she meets a guy named Jake and he stirs something inside of her she hasn’t felt in years. Can true love happen more than once in a lifetime?

A Contemporary Christian Romance Novella by the best-selling Author T.K. Chapin that will tug at your heart and bring a tear to your eye as you turn the pages to find out what happens next.

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Embers & Ashes

Amongst the Flames
Out of the Ashes
Up in Smoke
After the Fire

Love’s Enduring Promise

The Perfect Cast
Finding Love
Claire’s Hope
Dylan’s Faith

Finding Tomorrow A Faith Filled Christian Romance Novel


How long would you wait for true love?

Chance has been searching for someone special and he’s about to find her. What will happen once he does? Will everything in the world be set right? Or will the truth only complicate matters?

What’s The Time Limit For Love?

Maddison has dreamed of a guy like Chance her whole life. He’s perfect in every way but one—he won’t commit. Hung up on the past, he’s searching for someone near to his heart. Will he finally be able to commit once he finds this special person? Or will Maddison need to finally move on?

Finding Tomorrow is an inspirational romance novel about faith, hope, and love. Woven together tightly with Scripture, this clean love story is sure to encourage your faith and remind you of how all things work together for good. Be inspired and lifted up by this truthful tale of how important relationships with both God and people are to our Creator and to our life.

Disclaimer: this book was previously published under the name “The Space Between Us”

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