In His Love: Inspirational Christian Fiction

Reporter John Quinby was tasked with interviewing the mother of the recently deceased homosexual young man who was found at Diamond Lake. He expected a bigoted and hate-filled woman who was filled with anger towards her son. What he found instead would change his life forever.

It’s not through the anger of Christians that people change, it’s through God’s kindness.

From the best-selling author of the Diamond Lake series comes a story of inspiration, mystery, and romance that will keep readers turning the page. T.K. dives head first into the controversial topic of homosexuality while at the same time weaving together the truth and beauty of God’s enduring love for His creation.

Love’s Freedom: A Love Story of Hope, Redemption and Second Chances ( The Potter’s House Series 3 – Book Seven)


How does faith and love come together in a believer’s life?

Olivia Dawson hasn’t had an easy life, but you’ll never hear her complain. She’s a woman of God who lives by faith, at least according to herself. It’s not until a stranger comes to town that she realizes her faith might be on shaky ground.

What does the testing of our faith look like in the real world? How can God help our unbelief?

From the USA Today Bestselling Author T.K. Chapin, comes a story about faith, hope, and love that will keep you turning the pages until the very end. Be encouraged by this uplifting and true-to-life story that shines a light on the faith of true Biblical Christianity. Christians will not want to miss out on his unforgettable inspirational tale about two people not only finding love but finding out what it means to have true faith in Jesus Christ.

Loving Winston: A Struggling Marriage Romance Novel (Protected By Love Book 2)



A Struggling Marriage Romance That’ll Entertain You Until The Last Page!

Winston Jones had never known a time in his life where he needed to depend on others since leaving his childhood home. When an accident leaves him depending on his wife for everything, his manhood is threatened. He wonders how this terrible time can be part of God’s ultimate plan.

What do you do when all hope seems to be lost? How can God’s love shine even in the darkest parts of a struggling marriage?

Marie Jones loves her husband Winston of twenty-three years. He’s always been a strong and independent man’s man. One day that all changes after a shooting at work leaves him wounded.

“Loving Winston” is book two of the suspenseful Christian romance bodyguard series, “Love’s Protection.” This clean bodyguard romance will keep you turning the pages to see what happens next. Inspirational and romantic, this story is one that will keep you wanting more. Christians, especially those who are married, who desire an uplifting Christian novel that is faith-based and keeps God at the forefront will fall in love with this struggling romance novel.

Please note: this story was originally published as “Love’s Promise.”


One Love: An Inspirational Christian Romance


What if your life falling apart was actually God putting the pieces together?

Elise’s heart might’ve been broken but giving up wasn’t in her DNA. Returning to her hometown of Suncrest, Washington, she’s ready for a fresh start for not only herself, but her sixteen-year-old son Zander.

Will moving across the country help her and her son? Or only make everything worse?

How does faith work? How can God find those who need Him most? These questions and more are answered within the pages of One Love, a new Christian romance story about faith, love, and hope. Discover how faith in God doesn’t erase the problems, but transforms lives and families who trust in Him.


Some Kind Of Wonderful: A Love Story of Forgiveness, Hope and Second Chances (The Potter’s House Books (Three) Book 14)


How does faith shine brightly in the darkness?

On a sweltering summer day in West Texas, Amy Fitzgerald arrived home for the last time. Her life was about to change in a way she never thought imaginable.

When she gets the bad news, she only wants to see one person—Eli.

Though Amy has been away for years, Eli can still hear her voice. Whispers of love, whispers of hope.

Some Kind of Wonderful follows the journey of two young hearts who never forgot what it meant to love.

From the two-time USA Today Bestselling Author T.K. Chapin comes an inspirational Christian romance about forgiveness, love, and never giving up. A captivating story of how faith in God is the most vital component in a Christian’s life is here on earth. Emotional and real-to-life, this story will keep readers turning the pages until the very end.

Please note: this title was previously published as ‘waiting on love’ by T.K. Chapin. This story has been updated and republished now as Some Kind of Wonderful.


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