Whitelist Instructions

How to Whitelist the Email Address: tk@tkchapin.com


1. Open your Gmail account.
2. Navigate to ‘Settings’ (gear icon) and click ‘See all settings’.
3. Click on ‘Filters and Blocked Addresses’.
4. Click ‘Create a new filter’.
5. In the ‘From’ section, type “tk@tkchapin.com”.
6. Click ‘Create filter’.
7. Check ‘Never send it to Spam’.
8. Click ‘Create filter’ again.

Yahoo Mail

1. Open Yahoo Mail and click on ‘Settings’ (gear icon).
2. Select ‘More Settings’.
3. Click ‘Filters’ and then ‘Add’.
4. Provide a name for the filter and in the ‘From’ field, type “tk@tkchapin.com”.
5. Choose ‘Inbox’ as the folder to deliver the email.
6. Click ‘Save’.


1. Open Outlook and go to ‘Settings’ (gear icon).
2. Click on ‘View all Outlook settings’.
3. Go to ‘Mail’ > ‘Junk email’.
4. Under ‘Safe senders’, type “tk@tkchapin.com” and click ‘Add’.
5. Save your changes.

AOL Mail

1. Open AOL Mail and click on ‘Options’ > ‘Mail Settings’.
2. Go to ‘Filter and Alerts’ and click ‘New Filter’.
3. Name the filter and in the ‘From’ section, type “tk@tkchapin.com”.
4. In the ‘Move to’ dropdown, select ‘Inbox’.
5. Click ‘Save’.

Apple Mail (Mac)

1. Open Apple Mail.
2. Click ‘Mail’ in the menu and select ‘Preferences’.
3. Go to the ‘Rules’ tab and click ‘Add Rule’.
4. Provide a name for the rule.
5. Set the condition to ‘From’ ‘contains’ and type “tk@tkchapin.com”.
6. Set the action to ‘Move message’ to ‘Inbox’.
7. Click ‘Ok’ to save.

If your email provider isn’t listed above, please check their specific help or documentation for instructions on adding to a whitelist or safe sender list.