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As a Christian since the age of 12, T.K. Chapin has seen something very disturbing happen inside the church here in America. Call it a falling away, call it a slow fade, call it whatever you may desire, but the need is clear. Christians need to be reminded of what it means to follow Jesus Christ and that’s why T.K. Chapin has devoted his life’s work to sharing what it means to live life by the design God created it to be lived in the beginning.

Why Write Christian Fiction?

Because Your Faith Matters.

Christians are the body of Christ and as the body, we all operate in different ways. The way God created me and designed me to operate inside the body is to write stories that encourage the hearts and faith of other believers. I believe every person who calls upon the name of Jesus Christ is equipped for good works and God has bestowed upon them a special gift and ministry while they’re here on earth.

It’s my hope and prayer through reading these stories that you are inspired and encouraged in your walk with God. Your relationship with God, your Creator, is the most important relationship you will ever have on the planet.

I encourage you to download my free book offer right now and start seeing what true faith looks like when people put it into action.

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“The greatest love story ever told is the Bible. It’s God’s love letter to mankind.”