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In the world of Christian fiction and Christian romance, finding the perfect book can feel like searching for buried treasure out in the middle of the ocean. You crave stories that resonate with who you are. You desire to spark your faith, ignite your imagination on the page, and by the end of a good book, feel uplifted and encouraged. Not an easy feat in today’s world. With countless options available, how do you find the best websites in the seemingly never-ending sea of choices?

Fear not! I’ve put together a nice collection of Christian book review websites for your reading pleasure. These online sites serve as a hub, connecting you with communities of like-minded Christian readers and offering insightful reviews from people like you, encouraging you on the journey to your next great read!

Why Use Christian Book Review Sites?

These websites go well beyond just providing star ratings and book descriptions. They offer a multitude of benefits for the discerning Christian reader I think you will enjoy. Here’s a few benefits:

  • Discover a Community of Fellow Christian Fiction Readers: Immerse yourself in an active and vibrant online space where you can connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for God and stories that will encourage, inspire, and uplift. Engage in interesting discussions, share recommendations with others, and discover new-to-you Christian authors.
  • Find The “One Off'”: Break free from the confines of only the bestseller lists and venture into the exciting world of lesser-known faith based authors you might’ve never heard of in your reading life. Review sites often feature diverse readers and authors alike, revealing hidden gems that might otherwise escaped your notice! How exciting is that?
  • Support Christian Fiction & Romance Authors: Christian fiction, especially indie/self-published Christian fiction, thrives on word-of-mouth recommendations from readers. By engaging with Christian book review sites, you are actively contributing to the support of talented authors within the faith-based community you already love to be a part of!
  • Make More Informed Decisions: Reviews provide YOUR invaluable insights into a book’s content, themes, writing style, and suitability for different types and different age groups. This knowledge empowers you to make informed choices, ensuring you don’t waste your time with bad stories. That way you can spend more time reading stories that align with your personal preferences, values, and faith.
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Start Your Newfound Literary Journey: Top Christian Book Review Websites

Now that you know why these resources are essential to have in your arsenal as a reader, let’s dive right into a curated list of some of the best Christian book review websites in 2024:

  • Redeemed Reader ( This site is geared towards parents and educators. Redeemed Reader offers insightful reviews that are directed at helping you choose appropriate and enriching books for children and young adults. Great for not only parents and educators but grandparents as well!
  • Christian Authors Unite ( This website is awesome! It provides a dedicated place for Christian reviewers to offer their perspectives on a wide selection of Christian fiction titles. (Don’t forget to leave a review for one or some of my stories! T.K. Chapin – See my books).
  • Goodreads Christian Book Reviews Group ( Most readers already know about Goodreads, but check this awesome group! This is an online community on Goodreads. What’s awesome is the fact it connects you with a vast collection of Christian reader reviews and discussions, allowing you to tap into the wisdom of fellow bookworms just like you!
  • Independent Christian Book Bloggers: Don’t underestimate the power of individual voices from all over the big world wide web! Many passionate Christian bloggers specialize in reviewing faith-based fiction, including Christian romance. A simple online search with Google or even on social media such as Facebook can lead you to a treasure trove of recommendations! What’s better is the fact it’s all faith-based and Christian when you place that in your search query!

Getting The Most Out of Christian Book Review Sites

To maximize your experience with these websites and gain the most benefit, here are a few helpful tips to get you started:

  • Explore A Wide Range of Sites: Don’t limit yourself to a single source when it comes to review sites. It’s easy to just do the same website every time you are looking for a story, but it’s not a good idea. Remember that each website comes with unique reviewers and perspectives on Christian movies.
  • Look Beyond Just the Ratings: While star ratings offer a general impression of how reviewers felt, go deeper into the reviewer’s actual comments. Read a bunch of them and figure out/discover their insights about the plot, writing style, portrayal of faith, and overall impact of the story on them as a person. The more you study the reviews, the better idea you will have if you will enjoy the story.
  • Consider Your Own Values: Remember, Christian faith comes in all different flavors and there is a ton of different viewpoints out there. Some review sites may assess books through a specific theological lens and show reviews based on it. Be mindful of your own values and preferences when selecting a new source for reviews. If you’re part of one denomination, you might not agree with another and the review site could be founded on those beliefs! Sometimes review sites will have an about me or a blurb about their beliefs. Look for that!

Ready to Dive Into Your Next Favorite Story?

With these resources at your fingertips, I hope your journey to discovering inspirational fiction that captivates your heart and encourages your faith is well on its way. Get to work and start your literary exploration of hidden gems offered by Christian book review websites! I hope you have a happy and blessed reading!

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Share Your Favorites!

Do you have a favorite Christian book review website that wasn’t included in my above list? Please do me a favor and share your favorite place for reviews in the comments below and let others be blessed!

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