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People who are new to faith and church might ask themselves the question, “Can I just randomly walk into a church and participate?”

Of course! Walking in and participating in Church is a freedom that many people in America and around the world participate in every week. True Christian Bible Churches will allow anyone to attend and participate, but there are guidelines that you should be aware of before going. 

  1. Show Up At The Right Time
  2. Keep Your Volume Matched To Those Around You
  3. What You Wear Doesn’t Matter To Jesus, But Might To Others

Are you a person who wants to go and participate in a church service?

Before you do, you’ll want to be sure you find a church that believes the truth about the Scriptures, God, and Salvation.

Now that you know about Christianity, there are a few different things you should know about walking into a church and participating in church service.

1. Show Up At The Right Time

It might be the middle of the night on a Tuesday and you’re ready to attend church.

Hold it…

You can’t just show up in the middle of the night to church and go inside.

I’ve seen a lot of movies where they just walk into the church during a moment of seeking after God. They light a candle, speak with a pastor, this kind of thing.

The truth is that doesn’t happen.

More often than not, the church building is going to be open and ready for you to enter at set times.

If you’re not sure what time to go or even what church to attend, just do a quick search Google, then look on the website (not sure what church to attend? Confused about denominations? Learn more about denominations by reading the article about it all here).

If there isn’t a website for the church you want to attend, be sure to check service times by calling the church office.

Randomly Walking Into A Church -Church Hours On Google Search Result

2. Keep Your Volume Matched To Those Around You

The church works a lot like anything else in life.

If the room is quiet, you’re quiet.

When people are singing, you can sing.

While there aren’t any rules about being loud and disruptive, it’s usually expected in most Bible-believing Churches.

While there aren’t rules about disruptions, the Scripture does teach us that God is neat, orderly, and organized. Paul also addresses orderly conduct to be handled in one of his letters in the Bible.

People with Children

If you have little ones, services might be provided for them. For infants and children under a certain age, there is usually a church nursery available.

In some churches, they have a children’s church program available.

Whether or not the church you attend will have accommodations for your children is really dependant on the size of the church and the resources they have available. Please contact your church offices for additional details. You can usually find this phone number on Google.

3. What You Wear Doesn’t Matter To Jesus, But Might To Others

For generations, people have associated church attendance with fancy clothing. Whether this means a suit and tie or a dress that extends beyond the ankles. People have certain tastes when it comes to dressing up for church.

In today’s world, churches have become more relaxed on dress codes, but that doesn’t mean all have relaxed.

While some churches might say nothing about flip flops and shorts, you might get a few raised eyebrows.

Personally, I trust God at His Word when He has an open invitation to come to Him.

All throughout the Bible, I have learned of a God who was concerned about the heart, not the outward appearance.

I did want to warn you though because there are still churches out there with members who whole-heartedly believe it’s important to dress nice on Sunday morning.

Do what feels comfortable, because Jesus is just glad you’re coming to church, and most likely–so are the others attending.

Bonus: How To Get More Out Of Church

Going to church won’t make you a Christian any more than standing in a mechanic shop will make you a mechanic.

It’s important to take notes while you listen to the sermon.

My wife won’t leave the house on Sunday morning without at least one notebook and a few pens.

Maybe you prefer note-taking on your phone, that’s okay as well.

By taking notes you are increasing your chances of retaining what the Pastor is speaking about up at the pulpit.

Even the best listeners often struggle within two days to recall what a pastor had spoken about on Sunday morning.

To go even deeper, go home and study the portion of Scripture that was spoken about. Do the research and look up commentaries to enrich your experience even more.

The most intimate times with God I have experienced in my life weren’t sitting in a pew at church, but at home, alone, on my knees, and in the Word of God.

If you need help with picking out a Bible and accessories to go with your Bible, I suggest checking out my recommended Bible resources page.

The reality is it’s through our relationship with God that we grow to know Him and understand Him more.

It’s through attending a church that we gather as a group and worship God in truth and in Spirit.

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