The Trust We Hold: A Clean Cop Love Story (Beyond The Badge Book 2)


How do you learn to trust?

Officer Nathan Rodgers is a man who has seen the best and worst sides of humanity. Serving the Spokane Police Department in Eastern Washington, he lives to protect the innocent. After his wife abandoned him and his daughter, he stopped believing he could trust anyone.

To trust we must give and to give we must first have.

Tiffany Carlson only ever wanted what was best for her son Eli. She trusted his father with her whole heart, her whole existence, and then he destroyed her. How could she ever trust again?

The Trust We Hold is a clean cop romance about love, faith, and hope. Hope filled and inspirational, this clean romance shines a light into the darkness that is ever-present in both the world and in relationships. Christians will be encouraged and lifted up as they join Nathan and Tiffany on this unforgettable second chance love story and journey of learning to trust again.

The Faith We Have: A Contemporary Romance Novel About A Married Couple (Beyond The Badge Book 1)


How strong is your faith?

Married to a police officer, Lauren Dawson has had her fair share of hardships. There was nothing she could have done to prepare her for this…

Uncertain times often call for uncertain measures.

Michael Dawson has worked tirelessly to provide for his family and protect his community. When the unexpected happens and forces him to reevaluate everything, he knows only one thing is for certain. Nothing will ever be the same . . .

What happens to a family, to a police officer, to a marriage when a storm comes and their faith is challenged?

From the best-selling Christian fiction and romance author T.K. Chapin comes an inspirational story about a struggling Christian marriage and a family that is hurting. Be inspired and lifted up through this story of hope, inspiration, and perseverance. Faith-based and rooted in Scriptural truth, “The Faith We Have,” will be sure to encourage your walk with Christ. Learn what it means to have true faith by picking up a copy of this heartfelt novel today.