A Chance at Love An Inspirational Romance About Young Love


A Sweet & Wholesome Young Love Christian Romance

Slinging pepperonis and fighting off neighborhood dogs wasn’t exactly what Kyle Reynolds envisioned his life to be, but he was still young. Only nineteen-years-old, but a thinker, Kyle often found himself contemplating the meaning of life. One day he sets out on a journey of self-discovery that ends up leading him to the Lord. Along the way he meets a beautiful girl, there’s only one problem–she’s blind.

An inspirational Christian romance that will inspire your faith to new depths and set your heart on fire for the Lord. Overcoming difficulties in life becomes easier when we are able to rely on the Lord for strength. It’s through His power we are able to live free and wonderful lives.

The Lost Truth: An Inspirational Novel


What if you lost your faith in God?


Clay Roberts longs for the faith he once walked by. The perfect job, a wonderful wife and a princess for a daughter.

One day everything was taken away.

How long can you numb the pain before you can’t anymore? How far does the Great Shepherd let his sheep wander?

The Lost Truth is an inspirational Christian novel and is a modern-day Job story. Inspiring and uplifting, this story shines a light on God’s grace, mercy, and forgiveness. Christians seeking truth will not be able to put down this unforgettable story of redemption.

Inspirational and thought-provoking!” – Sally912

“A great story as the characters are well developed!” – Kindle Customer Sandra

After reading this book, I sat back and really thought about all the aspects that happened to Clay and the other characters within the book. There were so many things that touched me…” – RivsterReviews

“Clay was a broken man who was determined to drown his sorrows and pain in his addiction and it was destroying everyone around him. But, it is truly amazing how God set him up to turn back towards Him.” – DD


A Life Holding Onto Hope: Romance With Hope In It (Children of God Book 3)



How Do You Truly Overcome Life’s Difficulties?

Courtney McAdams’s heart has a hole where he used to be. It was never supposed to be like this. With a thread of faith left in her soul, she still believes in God, but she can’t help but ask the question though . . . What is God’s plan for her?

Faith is not about seeing with your eyes but trusting God with your heart.

What if your greatest loss was part of God’s plan? Could you keep on trusting when the future is unclear?

“A Life Holding Onto Hope” is a romance with hope in it. An inspiring Christian romance about a good single Christian woman who strives to do right in her life. This real to life clean romance will keep you turning the pages as you feel encouraged and inspired by the love of God.

Please Note: This is book was previously published under the name “Loving In His Way”


A Life Learning To Trust: Rebuilding Trust in a Marriage (Children of God Book 4)



How do you learn to trust again?


Rachel and West have been married for a long time. Rachel has never suspected any wrongdoing from her spouse in the past until one day everything she knows to be true comes crumbling down around her feet.

West has a secret he’s been hiding for a long time…

When your life goes in a direction that you didn’t see coming, how do you react? Do you try to control what happens or do you turn to God? Most people struggle to trust God when they can’t understand what’s happening. Faith isn’t about knowing what will happen, but knowing who God is in the person of Jesus Christ.

“A Life Learning To Trust” is a story about learning to trust your spouse again through trusting God. A struggling Christian wife who is battling insecurities and a husband who has lost his way. Be inspired by this great Christian romance about how a hard marriage can lead to a great marriage when God is put first. A must read for any Christian!


Please note: This title was previously published as “Trusting Him To Lead”


A Life Hanging By Threads: Power Of A Praying Wife Novel (Children of God Book 2)



What does the power of a praying wife look like?

April Bybee has always been a praying Christian wife and a loving mother. She and Justin had built a good life together and were raising three beautiful children. Problems in their home life only emerged five years ago when Justin was promoted at work. He started working longer hours and began to spend less time with the family. Now, with another new promotion on the horizon, April fears the difficulties are only about to get worse…

How God will answer those prayers will not only catch April by surprise but will stretch her faith in ways she never thought possible.

What does trusting God look like when you’re in a struggling Christian marriage?

“A Life Hanging By Threads” is a romantic Christian fiction story about a praying wife who is struggling. The author T.K. Chapin tackles the hard topic of trusting God in the midst of storms in this inspiring clean Christian romance about a struggling marriage. With Scriptural truth and the Gospel at the forefront, this novel is sure to inspire and encourage any Christian who reads it.

Please note: this book was previously published under the title “Living on a prayer” by T.K. Chapin.


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